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John Murray. 1871 1st. Authors Limited edition. pp432. 21 full page engravings (printed by the author). 90 text. 5 fold. maps. new f.e.p.'s orig. cloth bright. RARE and one of 20 copies with plates and leaves picked by the author. a SIGNED presentation copy  to William Longman.  - sold



Edward Whymper Scrambles on the Matterhorn




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Edward Whymper, engraver and mountaineer. With little or no climbing experience made the first British ascent of the Pelvoux in 1861. During the next four years he failed seven times to climb the Matterhorn, which few others had the nerve even to attempt! Repelled from the Italian side he crossed to Zermatt and joined forces with the young Lord Francis Douglas and his guide old Peter Taugwalder. Whymper’s favourite guide, Michel Croz, was there but had been engaged by the Revd. Charles Hudson and 19 year old Douglas Hadow who also had their eyes set on the Matterhorn. Whilst Whymper, himself only 24 years old, reckoned that the party was too big, eight including Tugwalder’s two sons taken as porters, by desire of their father. it succeeded in reaching the summit after camping high up overnight. Croz and young Peter Taugwalder had gone on to see what what above - We could have gone to the summit and returned to-day easily.

Perhaps if they had then the tragedy which followed may never have happened?  

Image of Edward Whymper early climbs on the Matterhorn
Douglas Robert Hadow by Edward Whymper
Rev. Charles Hudson by Edward Whymper
Edward Whymper first ascent of the Matterhorn
The Matterhorn from the Theodule Pass by Edward Whymper
Edward Whymper letter to The Times

Descent of the Matterhorn

The substance of Chapter XXII appeared in a letter to The Times, August 8, 1865

I do not forget the somewhat spasmodic efforts in Alpine painting which have been made in late years by one or two of our landscape-painters. But so far as I know, despite one or two fairly successful beginnings, none of them have persevered in the endeavour to represent mountains. Of all men, Mr. Edward Whymper has effected most in this field. His wood engravings show how much may be done even on a very small scale and without colour. A volume of portraits of the great peaks by his hand

Douglas W. Freshfield. Italian Alps. 1875


Weisshorn engraved by Edward Whymper from a painting by Elijah Walton
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In his diary for  1858 an eighteen old Whymper wrote

April 11. Sunday. The Rev. M. Davies, the secretary of the (Religious) Tract Society, preached both times. We had him home for dinner , and although I have the strongest hatred and disgust of the Tract Society’s way of doing business, yet Mr Davies left a very favourable impression on my mind’.  


June 4. ‘In (the) evening I visited for the first time Mr Albert Smith’s entertainment of Mont Blanc, etc., which closes this season finally’.


May 20. ‘Finished up sketches. I have been fortunate enough to please my father with my sketches, and to-day Mr J. Gilbert looked at some of them and praised them, though I think it is doubtful if he is sincere in what he says’.

(Josiah Gilbert - The Dolomite Mountains 1864 in which the  engravings on wood are by Mr. E. Whymper)


The first edition of Swiss Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil was published in 1866 and remained in print until 1891.

Samuel Manning (1822-1881), Baptist Minister of Sheppard's Barton, Somerset from 1846-61 became editor of the 'Baptist Magazine’ and also general book editor of the Religious Tract Society. Samuel G. Green was the editor of the final edition in 1891.

Edward Whymper Swiss Pictures 1st edition
Edward Whymper Swiss Pictures 4th. edition
Edward Whymper The Aiguille de Dru from Montanvert
Edward Whymper Civetta Dolomites Josiah Gilbert
Edward Whymper Sasso di Pelmo Dolomites Josiah Gilbert
image of Edward Whymper, The  Matterhorn, Swiss Pictures 1866
Edward Whymper at the Monte Rosa Hotel Zermatt
Edward Whymper Ascent of Aiguilles Verte
Whymper engraving of Interlaken and Jungfrau
Whymper Mont Blanc from above Morges.
mountain paintings original watercolour of Edward Whymper and swiss guides mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies CPR
image of the Ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper mountaineering-books

Edward Whymper Matterhorn Mountaineering Books


mountain-paintings Cervin Whymper
Edward Whymper Mountaineering Canadian Rockies
Edward Whymper Matterhorn Paintings
Zermatt Matterhorn Whymper

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