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PLEASE NOTE - WU indicates books from the Library of Walt Unsworth

WU Baker E.A. MOORS, CRAGS AND CAVES OF THE HIGH PEAK.   John Heywood, Manchester & Shoe Lane, London.  1902 1st.  pp207.  43 photographs (many by G.A. Fowkes of Derby) and 2 folding maps. O.G. Jones opp. p.98. Frontispiece has been tipped back in (not by me) and somewhat attached to thte title page. orig. blue cold. pict. cloth gilt. excellent copy. Fine-  £185

WU Ball J. A GUIDE TO THE EASTERN ALPS. The Alpine Guide Part III.  Longmans, Green and Co. 1870 new edn.  ppxxiii+639.  e.p. maps. LACKS fold. GENERAL map. geological map. 4 maps. panorama. orig. cloth gilt. sp. and boards almost detached. Good  £145

WU Ball J. THE CENTRAL ALPS. (Memorial Edition) The Alpine Guide. Vol. II Part I  Longmans, Green. 1907 new.  ppxxvi+326. edn. by Valentine Richards. 6 fold. maps. orig. cloth. SAC r.s.m. Near Fine  £65

WU Ball J. THE CENTRAL ALPS. (Memorial Edition) The Alpine Guide. Vol. II Part II  Longmans, Green. 1911 new.  ppxviii+432.  edn. by George Broke. 10 fold. maps. orig. cloth. ink insc. 'Wm. Bellows, Gloucester'. Near Fine  £85

WU Ball J. THE WESTERN ALPS. (the Memorial Edition) The Alpine Guide. Vol. I  Longmans, Green. 1898 new.  ppxlix+612.  by W.A.B. Coolidge. 10 new & rev. coloured fold. maps orig. cloth with bookplate of Charles Thurston Holland. Very Good-  £65

Bonington C. ANNAPURNA SOUTH FACE EXPEDITION 1970 - Commemorative Cover Postcard from Base Camp. signed Chris Bonington, Don Whillans, Dougal Haston, Mick Burke, Martin Boysen, Kelvin Kent, Nick Estcourt, Tom Frost, Mike Thompson and uncommonly by Ian Clough (who was tragically killed by an avalanche).  1970 1st.  photo. illus. of Annapurna South Face. Red 'annapurna south face expedition BASE CAMP' cache Nepal 75rs stamp and Sunset postmark.  Near Fine  £450

WWU Brown T.G. & De Beer Sir G. THE FIRST ASCENT OF MONT BLANC.   O.U.P. 1957 1st.  pp460.  13 plates. 11 figures. Foreword by John Hunt. Fine- unpc dw £220

WU Bruce Hon. Brig.-Gen. C.G. HIMALAYAN WANDERER.   Maclehose. 1934 1st.  pp309.  frontis. 21 illus. ex-Boots library cloth. Good  £35

WU Burlingham F. HOW TO BECOME AN ALPINIST.  T. Werner Laurie.  1914 1st.  pp218.  frontis. 60 blue tint photo illus on 30 plates. orig. cloth. sp. dull. uncut. Peak Climbing Club label presented by H.C. Bryson. VG-  £55

WU Byne & Sutton G. E. HIGH PEAK.    Secker & Warburg. 1966 1st.  pp256.  frontis. and 45 plates. 3 map diagrams. From the library of Walt Unsworth. Near Fine £2.50 dw- £145

WU Chase J.S. YOSEMITE TRAILS. Camp and Pack-Train in the Yosemite Region of the Sierra Nevada.  T. Fisher Unwin.  1912   pp354.  frontis. photo illus. map. orig. cloth gilt. ex-lib. r.s.m. Very Good-  £34

Clark S. THE PUMA'S CLAW. The Cambridge Andean Expedition.  Hutchinson. 1959 1st.  pp223.  cold. frontis. illus. 4 maps.  Very Good unpc dw- £18

Cole Mrs. H.W. A LADY'S TOUR ROUND MONTE ROSA.  with visits to the Italian a series of excursions in 1850. 56 & 58.  Longmans, Green. 1859 1st.  pp402.  Hand coloured title vignette. frontis. chromo and 3 chromolithographs from sketches by Mr. George Barnard. 8 wood engravings. fold. litho the 'map of the District'.  orig. pink cloth gilt. sl. faded as usual. bright gilt rose motif on front cover. recased, sp. relaid, rear inner hinge repaired. exceptionally rare.

Coleman E.T. SCENES FROM THE SNOW-FIELDS; being Illustrations of the Upper Ice-World of Mont Blanc,  from sketches made on the spot in the years 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858; with Historical and Descriptive Remarks, and a Comparision of the Chamonix and St. Gervais Roures.  London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longman, and Roberts. 1859 1st. Edition  pp. 47 12 beautiful chromolithographed plates (the views lithographed and printed in colours) by Vincent Brooks after E.T. Coleman. One of the rarest and most valuable of all mountaineering books. Coleman…one of the earliest painters of the Alps…he ascended Mont Blanc twice. light spotting to most text pages. original cloth gilt title, sl. faded edges, rebacked with calf sp. Elephant Folio 56 x 38 cms.

WU Collie J.N. CLIMBING ON THE HIMALAYA AND OTHER MOUNTAIN RANGES.   David Douglas. 1902 1st.  pp315. photogravure frontis. only has very sl. foxing and 17 illus. 3 cold. fold. maps. orig. green cloth gilt. uncut. t.e.g. John O'Reilly Mountain Books sticker. a rare book. Fine-  £1,150

Cuvillier Adrien Ascension de Mr. de Saussure au mont Blanc en 1787.  Briquet et fils a Geneve c1840  9 x 12 [12.5 x 16] cms colour tinted lithograph.    

Cuvillier Adrien Retour de l'ascension de M. de Saussure au mont Blanc en 1787   c1840  9 x 12 [12.5 x 16] cms colour tinted lithograph.    

WU Edwards A.B. UNTRODDEN PEAKS AND UNFREQUENTED VALLEYS A Midsummer Ramble in the Dolomites.  George Routledge.  1890 2nd.  pp389.  frontis. 8 full page and 18 text (Whymper?) engravings. cold. fold. map. bright pict. gilt. dec. and cold. red cloth. [Sasso di Ronch] a.e.g. sp. relaid and recased. new e.p.'s. Very Good-  £135

WU Fitz Gerald E.A. THE HIGHEST ANDES. A Record of the First Ascent of Aconcagua...  Methuen & Co. 1899 1st.  pp390.  51 illus. panorama. 2 maps [large cold. fold.] orig. red cloth gilt. some light foxing. sp. faded. John O'Reilly Mountain Books sticker. Very Good-  £195

WU Freshfield D.W. BELOW THE SNOW LINE.   Constable & Co.  1923 1st.  pp270.  9 maps orig. green cloth gilt. Near Fine-  £48


WU George H.B. THE ALPINE JOURNAL: The Journal of the Alpine Club. A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation.  Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green.  1863.4-2016 Vol. I 1864 - Vol. 120 2016  profusely illustrated throughout with lithographs, wood engravings, diagrams, maps and photographs etc. bound in Alpine Club tan/gilt vignette block cloth, some with orig. wrappers bound in at rear. Climbers Club Library label and that of John Barford, CC Secretary thence from the Library of Walt Unsworth Near Fine  £4,950

WU Gervasutti G. GERVASUTTI'S CLIMBS.   Hart-Davis. 1957 1st.  pp201.  frontis. 14 illus.  Very Good- unpc dw- £32

WU Gribble F. THE EARLY MOUNTAINEERS.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1899 1st.  pp338.  48 plates. orig. gilt dec. cloth. t.e.g. uncut. small 'curl' top sp. Near Fine-  £225

Hunt J. THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1954 4th. The only edition with the Chart of the Ascent of Everest [fold.]  pp300.  cold. frontis. 7 cold. plates. 48 b/w. text illus. by Charles Evans. Signed by John Hunt and Tenzing on title page, by Ed Hillary, John Hunt (again), Charles Evans, Griffith Pugh, Alf Gregory, George Lowe, Michael Ward, Charles Wylie and Alf Gregory on half title. sp. faded. o.w. Very Good dw £1,750

WU King C. MOUNTAINEERING IN THE SIERRA NEVADA.   Charles Scribner's Sons.  1902 rpt.  pp378.   original green cloth gilt. Very Good  £24

Klucker C. ADVENTURES OF AN ALPINE GUIDE.   John Murray. 1932 1st.  pp329.  frontis. portrait. 17 illus. orig. black cloth gilt. sp. sl. faded. Very Good- giclee facs. cold. dw £35

Larden W. RECOLLECTIONS OF AN OLD MOUNTAINEER.   Edward Arnold.  1910 1st.  pp320.  photogravure frontis. 16 full page illus. orig. maroon cloth gilt. uncut. ex. M.A.M. Library label, r.s.m.. Very Good-  £55

WU Mathews C.E. THE ANNALS OF MONT BLANC sometime President of the Alpine Club.  T. Fisher Unwin. 1898 1st.  pp368.  34 illus. and 3 appendices. cold. fold. Mont Blanc map. uncut. t.e.g. orig. cloth, sl. marked, with gilt impression of Mont Blanc on front cover. now scarce. Near Fine-  £245

Mundell F. STORIES OF ALPINE ADVENTURE.   Sunday School Union. 1898 1st.  pp158.  frontis. 16 full page and text engravings including Matterhorn.  orig. pict. cold. blue cloth. f.e.p. missing. Very Good-  £40

WU Palmer H. MOUNTAINEERING AND EXPLORATION IN THE SELKIRKS. A Record of Pioneer Work among the Canadian Alps, 1908-1912.  G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1914 1st.  pp439.  219 illustrations. 2 new maps. ex-school prize label, hinges repaired, gilt school emblem on fr. cover. one illus. page ragged on edge. Good  £85

Poucher W.A. SNOWDONIA THROUGH THE LENS. Mountain Wanderings in Wildest Wales    1st.  pp124.  with 62 photographs by the Author. orig. cloth, but e.p.'s marked Very Good- unpc dw £22

WU Priuli G. MONTE BIANCO, CHAMONIX, COURMAYEUR. nelle antiche stampe.  Priuli & Verlucca, Ivrea.  1985 1st.  pp385.  555 illustrations in colour and b/w. some full page. illus. e.p.'s. orig. cloth in pictorial slipcase. 4to. and quite rare with orig. publisher's packing. Fine  £200

WU Pye D. GEORGE LEIGH MALLORY.   O.U.P. 1927 1st.  pp183.  6 illus. orig. cloth, with spare spine paper title label. Near Fine-  in facsimile but extremely rare dw £165

WU Rey G. THE MATTERHORN.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1913 3rd.  pp336.  14 cold. plates. 23 drawings by Edoardo Rubino and 11 photos. orig. green cloth gilt. a.e.g. Near Fine  £125

Shipton E. BLANK ON THE MAP.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1938 1st.  pp280.  frontis. 49 illus. 3 maps [1 fold.] Bip Pares illus. head and tail pieces. orig. black cloth. rub mark to top sp. corner. scarce. Near Fine- quality *giclee copy dw £495

Tenzing Norgay Sherpa First Day Cover of the 25th Anniversary of the First Ascent of Mount Everest and Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 2nd. June 1978. with set of 4 postage paid to which a 2003 50th anniversary Everest 1st. class stamp is added. The Mount Everest Foundation. 1978   The illustration of 'Tenzing on summit' drawn by Ted Hatch. Signed by Jan Morris and Ted Hatch! a unique Mount Everest cover so signed.  Near Fine  £185

Turner S. MY CLIMBING ADVENTURES IN FOUR CONTINENTS.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1913 2nd.  pp283.  74 illus. full blue calf gilt. school prize binding. a.e.g. Very Good-  £38

Waddell Major L.A. AMONG THE HIMALAYAS.   Archibald Constable & Co.  1900 2nd. pp452. numerous illus. by A.D McCormick, the Author and others, and from photographs. full blue calf gilt. school prize binding. a.e.g. Near Fine  £175

WU Wainwright A. A PICTORIAL GUIDE OF THE LAKELAND FELLS. Book One The Eastern Fells.  Henry Marshall.  1955 1st.  very many illus., route maps, diagrams etc. throughout on every page. orig. green cloth gilt. The rare First edition of his first book. Very Good  £225

Wainwright A. A PICTORIAL GUIDE OF THE LAKELAND FELLS. Books Two - The Far Eastern Fells. Three - The Central Fells. Four - The Southern Fells.           

Weston W. MOUNTAINEERING AND EXPLORATION IN THE JAPANESE ALPS.   John Murray.  1896 1st.  pp346.  with 2 fold. maps at rear and 35 illustrations. orig. cold. dec. cloth, sp. edges rubbed. bookplate of Humphrey Owen Jones. A.C. & C.C. fatal on Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey named La Pointe Jones.A.C. & C.C. Very Good  £895

WU Whymper E. CHAMONIX AND THE RANGE OF MONT BLANC. A Guide to.  John Murray. 1896 1st. rare edition.  pp xiv + 192 + 42.  65 illustrations, plans and maps [1 fold. of Mont Blanc] with advertisements. rebound in tan buckram lacks wrappers/ some ads. Very Good-  £75

Whymper E. TRAVELS AMONGST THE GREAT ANDES OF THE EQUATOR.   John Murray.  1892 2nd.  pp456. 20 full page and 118 engraved illustrations drawn by various artists and engraved by the author. 4 maps inc. 1 cold. fold. in e.p. in the original olive cloth gilt sl. rubbed and faded. insc. by Whymper in ink 'Gladys Whymper, from her Grandfather on her 21st. Birthday, July 19th, 1901.' Very Good-  £650

WU Wilson C. MOUNTAINEERING. The All-England Series.   George Bell & Sons. 1893 1st.  pp208.  illus. by Ellis Carr. Member of  The Alpine Club.  with adverts. orig. green pict. cloth with some wear. Very Good-  £40