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Thomas George Bonney THE ALPINE REGIONS OF SWITZERLAND AND THE NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES; A Pedestrian's Notes on their physical features, scenery and natural history.  Deighton, Bell, and Co.  1868 First Edition  pp351.  5 full page engravings by Whymper and 15 figs. orig. green 'Alpine Club Journal' cloth gilt. pict. dec.  Near Fine- £265

Charles Granville Bruce Brig.-Gen. Hon.  THE ASSAULT ON MOUNT EVEREST 1922.    Edward Arnold & Co. 1923 First Edition  pp339.  frontis. 35 plates and 2 maps [fold.]  orig. red cloth gilt. a little mottled. uncut. f.e.p. pasted down to fr. board. in laser copy dw Very Good- £295

Charles Granville Bruce Brig.-Gen. Hon.  THE ASSAULT ON MOUNT EVEREST 1922.    Edward Arnold & Co. 1923 First Edition  pp339.  frontis. 35 plates and 2 maps [fold.]  orig. red cloth gilt. uncut. loose with some wear at edges, sp. sl. faded. ex-school lib. with r.s.m.'s in laser copy dw Good £95

John & Tony Cleare J. & Smythe ROCK CLIMBERS IN ACTION IN SNOWDONIA.   2106 enlgd. ed.  pp127.  100 photo. illus. and sketch map. signed by John Cleare. unpc dw New £35

Isidore Laurent Deroy SOUVENIRS DE LA SUISSE. Dessinée d'après nature et lith. par DEROY  Charnaux a Geneve et Wild a Paris.  1854-61  75 two tone lithograph vues 4° oblong [25 x 33 cms]  see Gattlen 2314. Geneve, Gr. St. Bernard, Simplon, Zermatt, Visp et Monte Rosa, Sion, Zurich, Berne, Mont Blanc and many more..   orig. fine gilt dec. boards.   

Joseph Dornford RECENT DISASTROUS ATTEMPT TO ASCEND MONT BLANC.  Extracted from The New Monthly Magazine.  1820   pp311-316 & 333-341.  the rare account of the tragic Hamel accident and first fatality on Mont Blanc. not illustrated. new tan half calf and leather title label.

Charles Evans KANGCHENJUNGA THE UNTRODDEN PEAK.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1956 First Edition  pp187.  5 cold. 32 mono plates. 2 maps. 5 diagrams.   Very Good £45

Dougal Haston BRITISH CERRO TORRE EXPEDITION 1967/8.  sent to  1967   Expedition postcard SIGNED by Martin Boysen, Michael Burke, Peter Crew and Dougal Haston. base camp cache 15 Dec 1967. pictorial postcard with 2 x Argentina pesos stamps.  Very Good £250

Lieut.-Col. Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury MOUNT EVEREST THE RECONNAISSANCE: 1921.   Edward Arnold & Co. 1922 First Edition  pp350.  frontis. 32 illus. 3 cold. fold. maps. orig. blue cloth gilt. uncut.  Near Fine £350

John Hunt LETTER a.l.s. typed by his personal assistant.   1955  1pp with signed paper. on letterhead from Staff College, Camberley, Surrey. 'Brigadier Sir John Hunt thanks you for your letter....    

John Hunt THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1953 First Edition  pp300.  cold. frontis. 7 cold. plates. 48 b/w. text illus. by Charles Evans. signed by E.P. Hillary and by George Lowe at the time on a piece of paper pasted in. unpc dw- Very Good £195

John Hunt THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton.  1953 First Edition  pp300.  cold. frontis. 7 cold. plates. 48 b/w. text illus. by Charles Evans. Signed by John Hunt. Ed Hillary. George Lowe. George Band. Michael Westmacott. Charles Wylie. Michael Ward. Jan Morris. John Jackson. Hamish Brown. Chris Bonington. Tenzing signed on separate small sheet. in 25/- net dw Near Fine

Liebig ALPINISME.   Liebig's Company, Antwerp.  c1935   a full set of 6, each with a chromolithographed climbing scene captioned in French.   Very Good £75

Charles Martins DEUX ASCENSIONS AU MONY-BLANC. Etudes de Meteorologie et d'Histoire Naturelle.  J. Claye.  1865   pp377-411 extract extrait de la Revue des deux mondes. new marbled boards and leather title label.  Near Fine £185

Kenneth Mason ABODE OF SNOW. A History of Himalayan Mountaineering and Exploration.  Rupert Hart-Davis.  1955 First Edition  pp372.  21 illus. 16 maps and diagrams.  pc dw Near Fine- £50

James Morris THE FIRST ASCENT OF MOUNT EVEREST. Supplement. with a full page photo 'On The Summit' Tensing, photographed by his companion Hillary, at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, May 29, 1953.  The Times. 1953   pp32.  fully illustrated with photos and diagrams, adverts. rare original newspaper Signed by Jan Morris. insc. top right. Very Good- £145

Edward Felix Hugh Lt. Col. Norton Lt. Col. THE FIGHT FOR EVEREST: 1924   Edward Arnold.  1925 First Edition  pp372.  cold. frontis. & 7 cold. plates by T.H. Somervell. 24 mono. panorama. map. orig. green cloth gilt. uncut giclee copy colour dw. Near Fine- £445

Jacques Perret et Lucas, Loic. LE MONT BLANC. Vu par les peintres.   Belvidere.  2016 First Edition  pp206.  superbly illustrated over 200 pages covering 120 artists and arranged chronologically. colour pictorial boards. 23.5 x 30.5 cms. dw. New £30

William Arthur Poucher THE MAGIC OF SKYE.   Chapman & Hall.  1949 First Edition  pp223.  148 photos by the Author. e.p. maps.   giclee facs. unpc dw Near Fine- £54

Eric Shipton THAT UNTRAVELLED WORLD. An Autobiography.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1977 First Edition  pp286.  27 illus. 9 maps.  unpc dw Near Fine sold

Albert Smith THE STORY OF MONT BLANC.   G.P. Putnam & Co. 10 Park Place, New York.   1853   pp208.  engraved frontis. and title page are foxed. vignette and tail-piece. some pages towards the end are sl. water stained. orig. embossed green cloth dec. with gilt vignette of the party coming down. Delightful! This edition is quite rare.  Very Good- £375

Frank Smythe EDWARD WHYMPER.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1940 First Edition  pp330.  frontis. 23 plates. 3 text & 3 maps (2 fold.). orig. red cloth. quite bright but faded sp. quality giclee dw Very Good £85

Frank Sidney Smythe THE VALLEY OF FLOWERS.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1938 First Edition  pp306.  16 cold. photographic plates. 2 maps [1 fold.]. orig. green cloth gilt. unpc dw Very Good £95

James Monroe. Thorington A SURVEY OF EARLY AMERICAN ASCENTS IN THE ALPS.  In the Nineteenth Century  American Alpine Club.  1943 First Edition  pp83.  well illustrated orig. cloth. pres. copy  'with the regards of J. Monroe Thorington'. with letters 1933  Very Good

Don Whillans D. & Ormerod PORTRAIT OF A MOUNTAINEER.   Heinemann. 1971 First Edition  pp266.  25 illus. orig. blue cloth. signed pres. copy All the best Ging. 'Don Whillans' in black felt pen. unpc dw Near Fine- £295

Don Whillans D. & Ormerod PORTRAIT OF A MOUNTAINEER.   Heinemann. 1971 First Edition  pp266.  25 illus. orig. blue cloth. insc. on f.e.p. unpc dw- Near Fine- £95

Edward Whymper TRAVELS AMONGST THE GREAT ANDES OF THE EQUATOR.   John Murray.  1891 First Edition  pp147.  14 full page and 42 engraved figures in the text. the scarce supplementary appendix in orig. olive cloth a little rubbed. sp. faded.  Very Good- £195

Jerry Wright MOUNTAIN DAYS IN THE ISLE OF SKYE.   The Moray Press. 1934 First Edition  pp239.  frontis. 62 illus. orig. cloth.  Very Good £55

Geoffrey Winthrop Young ON HIGH HILLS. Memories of the Alps  Methuen & Co. 1947   pp352.  24 illus.  unpc dw Near Fine £38

Geoffrey Winthrop Young THE GRACE OF FORGETTING.   Country Life.  1953 First Edition  pp352.  frontis. 28 photos. 5 line illus. lacks f.e.p. signed 'To my friend Fay.... from Eleanor Sligsby (Len). with love & endless good wishes. dw Very Good £95

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