1 Abraham G.D. BRITISH MOUNTAIN CLIMBS.   Mills and Boon. 1909, Sept.  1st.  pp448.  18 illus. 21 outline drawings of the principal routes. orig. red cloth boxed edition, rubbed and faded.  Very Good- £150

2 Abraham G.D. MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES AT HOME AND ABROAD.   Methuen & Co. Ltd.  1910 1st.  pp308.  26 illus. (photo.) orig. cloth gilt. sp. faded. glue repair to bottom sp. cloth.  Very Good- £48

3 Abraham A.P. MOUNTAINEERING IN SWITZERLAND WITHOUT GUIDES.   McClure's Magazine.  1903 vol. XXI July No.3  pp227-236.  2 full page and 7 text photographs by G.P. Abraham & Son, Keswick, England. orig. printed wrappers.  Very Good- £35

4 Abraham G. and A. ROCK-CLIMBING IN NORTH WALES.   G.P. Abraham. 1906 1st.  pp394.  30 full page monogravure plates. 10 pen & ink sketches. 11 outline drawings of the chief routes. recased in orig. cloth gilt. overall rubbing and sl. wear. t.e.g.  Very Good- £425

5 Abraham G.D. THE COMPLETE MOUNTAINEER.   Methuen & Co. 1907 1st.  pp493.  75 photo. illus. gravure frontis. orig. blue cloth gilt.  Very Good £85

6 Abraham G.D. THE COMPLETE MOUNTAINEER.   Methuen & Co. 1908 Feb. 2nd.  pp493.  75 photo. illus. gravure frontis. orig. blue cloth gilt. bookplate.  Very Good £55

7 Allom T. TYROLESE SCENERY or, Continental Travels  Black and Armstrong. 1840   pp72.  6 views finely engraved on steel. fold. map. full green calf. a.e.g.   Very Good- £165

8 Allom T. VIEWS IN THE TYROL.  from Drawings by, with descriptions by a Companion of Hofer. Black and Armstrong, London.  1840   pp72.  45 views and vignette finely engraved on steel. fold. map. original green cloth gilt. a.e.g.   Very Good £375

9 Anderson J.R.L. HIGH MOUNTAINS AND COLD SEAS. a Biography of H.W. Tilman.  Gollancz. 1980 1st.  pp366.  many illus. 15 maps. long gift insc. on f.e.p. in dw Very Good- £40

10 Angtharkay  MEMOIRES D'UN SHERPA. Recueillis par Basil P. Norton.  Amiot-Dumont. 1954 1st.  pp205.  7 illus. 5 cartes.  Signed by Maurice Herzog, George Lowe, George Band, Mike Westmacott and Charles Wylie. cold. illus. wrappers (usual French paperback binding). uncut and unopened. Very rare.  Near Fine £475

11 Baillie-Grohman W.A. TYROL AND THE TYROLESE. The People and the Land.  Longmans, Green, and Co.  1876 1st.  pp278.  engraved frontis. title vignette. 20 engravings (14 full page). orig. green cloth gilt. some minor marks.  Very Good- £165

12 Ball J. A GUIDE TO THE WESTERN ALPS. The Alpine Guide. Part I.  Longmans, Green and Co. 1866 new ed.  pp xxvi + 404. lacks pp401-4 of index. new edition. 6 maps and panorama [fold.] Mountains of Cogne from Mt. Emilius and The Pennine Alps from Becca de Nona. orig. cloth gilt. sp. edge detached. Rare.  Good £145

13 Ball J. PEAKS, PASSES, AND GLACIERS. A Series of Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club.  Longmans, Green. 1860 5th.  pp328.  'Knapsack' edition. 8 cold. fold. maps. full calf, gilt embossed coat of arms on fr. cover, with gilt compartments to sp. and edges of boards, with 5 raised bands. a.e.g. Prize copy Presented by the Council of King's College, London. A very handsome copy.  Very Good £145

14 Barnard G. DRAWING FROM NATURE. with Examples from Switzerland and the Pyrenees. George Routledge & Sons. 1877 new  pp348.  18 coloured lithograph plates. 100+ woodcuts. inc. views of the Matterhorn, Valley of Aoste, Jungfrau, Aiguilles Verte and Dru lithographs and illus. loose gutta percha, as usual. orig. green gilt dec. cloth. t.e.g.  Very Good- £185

15 Barnes M. AFTER EVEREST. An Autobiography by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.  Allen & Unwin.  1977 1st.  pp184.  15 + b/w plates & 8 + colour plates. card Signed by Tenzing inserted at title page togther with a rare original photograph of him in Darjeeling. in dw Near Fine £425

16 Barnes M. THE MOUNTAIN WORLD 1955   Allen & Unwin.  1955 1st.  pp222.  64 plates, some double page fold. 12 maps & sketches. includes Everest 1953 by Wilfred Noyce, Signed by Charles Wylie, George Lowe, Jan Morris, Mike Westmacott AND 'A Narrow Escape on K2' Signed by Tony Streather. George Lowe has also signed the team image pp48-49. A unique piece. in laser copy dw Fine- £395

17 Bates R.H. FIVE MILES HIGH. The First American Karakoram Expedition.  Robert Hale. 1940 1st.  pp319.  frontis. 30 illus. text diagrams. e.p. maps. orig. cloth very sl. faded & frayed at top of sp. corner, with mark on back.  Very Good- £175

18 Baumann, del. et lith. F. SOUVENIRS DE LA SUISSE ET DES ALPES. La Suisse Illustree.  Margueron F., Librairie, Editeur. Ancienne maison Becharat, Place du Lac, 171. Geneve.  1863 re-edite  complete with pages of text concerning Confederation Suisse and Cantons and hand cold. plate.  61 views [7.5 x 18.5 - 10 x 14 cms.] lithographed in colour by F. Baumann after Loppe etc. with 2 superb panoramas not normally included. Le Mer de Glace et le Montanvert. together with La Chaine du Mont-Blanc de la Flegere. (d/p panoramas 10 x 34 cms.) G orig. green blind dec. cloth gilt. oblong 8vo. in original slipcase which is worn. [Perret 0314 rare et reserche 45 views].   Near Fine £7,000

19 Baxter G. ARCTIC EXPEDITION IN SEARCH OF SIR JOHN FRANKLIN.   1850   rare Baxter oil print 14.5 x 19.5 cms. top corners rounded otherwise  Very Good- £245

20 Beattie W. THE WALDENSES, or Protestant Valleys of PIEDMONT AND DAUPHINY. expressly for this work by W. H. Bartlett.  George Virtue. 1836 1st.  pp216.  70 steel engraved plates. fold. map. portrait and vignette. a lovely copy in cont. half calf dec. gilt morocco. 5 raised bands with dec. gilt compartments. marbled boards. a.e.g. sl. damage top right corner.  Near Fine- £550

21 Bechtold F. NANGA PARBAT ADVENTURE. A Himalayan Expedition.  John Murray. 1935 Nov. rpt.  pp93.  80 plates. 3 maps. from the library of Una Cameron ink insc. 1936 with deer and bookplate apsted on f.e.p..  Very Good £85

22 Begin E. VOYAGE PITTORESQUE EN SUISSE EN SAVOIE ET SUR LES ALPES.   Belin-Leprieur et Morizot, Paris. [1852] 1st.  pp560.  24 steel engraved plates. (16 views and 8 hand cold. costumes of Swiss cantons). inc. Vallee de Chamouni. beautiful orig. cloth decorated in colour and gilt worn & rubbed. a.e.g. Rare. [Meckly 17, Perret 350]  Very Good- £395

23 Bellows W. STRAY PAPERS.   Privately Printed.  1937  for friends.   pp143.  insc. 'With all good wishes from the Author! Tuffley Lawn Glocester 19.V.37' 12 plates. uncut in orig. boards. includes 'A Traverse of the Matterhorn' pp114-129  Near Fine- £125

24 Benson E.F. WINTER SPORTS IN SWITZERLAND.   George Allen & Co. Ltd. 1913 1st.  pp197.  12 full page cold. illus. 47 photo reproductions. orig. blue cloth gilt. t.e.g. in original and rare cold. pict illus. facsimile colour un-pc dw Very Good £785

25 Blakeney E.H. ALPINE POEMS.   Printed at the Author's private press. Winchester.  1929 no. 26 of 60 copies issued.  pp78 printed on one side only. signed by the author 'E.H. Blakeney' in the original printed wrappers, also signed. Containing 4 other poems, privately printed on separate sheets and various other letters and postcards to D.F.O. Dangar and a Mrs. S. Lloyd.  Very Good £450

26 Boardman P. SACRED SUMMITS. A Climbers' Year.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1982 1st.  pp264.  illus. maps & drawings. with the signature of Peter D. Boardman tipped in and also signed by Chris Bonington, Paul 'Tut' Braithwaite and Doug Scott. in dw Fine £400

27 Bonatti W. THE GREAT DAYS.   Victor Gollancz.  1978 4th.  pp189.  35 photo. illus. translated by Geoffrey Sutton. signature of Walter Bonatti tipped in. in dw Fine £225

28 Bonatti W. THE MAGIC OF MONT BLANC.   Victor Gollancz Ltd. 1985 1st.  pp208.  upwards of 200 colour illustrations. rare with Walter BONATTI signature tipped in. in dw Near Fine £245

29 Bonington C. BRITISH EVEREST EXPEDITION 1972. fold. illus. commemorative card signed by the team. Chris Bonington, Jimmy Roberts, Dave Bathgate, Mick Burke, Nick Estcourt, Dougal Haston, Hamish MacInnes, Doug Scott, Barney Rosedale and Graham Tiso. Not by Kelvin Kent.     fold. illus. commemorative card signed by the team. Chris Bonington, Jimmy Roberts, Dave Bathgate, Mick Burke, Nick Estcourt, Dougal Haston, Hamish MacInnes, Doug Scott, Barney Rosedale and Graham Tiso. Not by Kelvin Kent.   Near Fine £295

30 Bonington C. EVEREST THE HARD WAY. Foreword by Lord Hunt.  Hodder & Stoughton.  1976 1st.  pp239.  85 cold. illus. 13 maps and diagrams. Signed by Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, Charles Clarke, Tut Braithwaite together with tipped in card Signed by Dougal Haston in 1976. in dw Fine £395

31 Bonnet J. (Librairie) SOUVENIRS DE LA SUISSE.  Lucerne. c1860   50 tinted lithographs grand format [25 x 35 cms.] after Deroy & Loppe of Chamouny, Ascension de Mont Blanc, Mer de Glace, Premier Ascension de l'Aiguille du Midi, Cervin (Matterhorn), St. Bernard, Zurich. Vue de Suisse & Vue de Savoie. Not in Perret. Gattlen cites 2 copies each with 25 views. Original maroon cloth worn and st. oblong qto. [265 x 345]. Very Rare.   

32 Bonney T.G. LAKE AND MOUNTAIN SCENERY OF THE SWISS ALPS.   Frederick Bruckmann.  1874 1st. folio. pp. 3 p.l. 148 24 mounted photographic plates, 48 woodcuts. light foxing throughout. original intricate gilt lettered morocco backed boards, some rubbing.  Very Good £285

33 Bonney T.G. THE ALPINE REGIONS OF SWITZERLAND AND THE NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES; A Pedestrian's Notes on their physical features, scenery and natural history.  Deighton, Bell, and Co.  1868 1st.  pp351.  5 full page engravings by Whymper and 15 figs. orig. green cloth gilt. re-cased.   Very Good- £200

34 Bourdillon F.W. ODE In defence of the MATTERHORN against the proposed Railway to its Summit   William Rice.  [1910] 1st.  pp6.  cold. frontis. The Matterhorn After Snowstorm by F. Hardwicke Lewis. orig. brown printed wrappers. ex-lib withdrawn r.s.m. a total of only 5 copies recorded. Very Rare and o.w.   Very Good £295

35 Bouritt M.-T. A RELATION OF A JOURNEY TO THE GLACIERS. In the Dutchy of Savoy.  G. Robinson.  1776 2nd.  pp266.  3 engraved oval views. list of subscribers which includes William Pars and William Woollett. cont. speckled calf gilt, re-backed.  Very Good £800

36 Bourrit M.-T. NOUVELLE DESCRIPTION DES GLACIERS, Vallées de Glace et Glaciers qui forment la grande Chaine des Alpes, de Savoye, de Suisse et d'Italie.  A Geneve. 1787 nouvelle edition, revue & augmentee.  pp312+244+282. 13 engraved plates. Mer de Glace, Montanver, Mont Blanc, Chamouni, Lac de Chede, Grindelwald, etc. Folding map du Cote du midi des Alpes est marquee par le venversement des montagnes.. 3 volumes. half calf gilt. really quite rare.  Very Good £1,750

37 Bregault H. LA CHAINE DU MONT-BLANC.   Alpina. Paris.  1928 1st.  pp162.  ouvrages orne de 10 aquarelles en hors texte de E. Brun, Fourcy, F. Schrader. justification tirage exemplaire no. 10. and bound in original french half calf with marbled boards and raised bands. No. 10 of a Limited Edition.  Very Good £125

38 Bridgens. (Richard Higs fl.1786-1796 artist), John William POLIDORI. R. SKETCHES ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE MANNERS AND COSTUMES OF ITALY, SWITZERLAND AND FRANCE.   Baldwick, Gradock & Joy and Hatchard & Son. Printed by C. Baldwin 1821 1st. pages of descriptive text watermarked 1817-1820   Engraved title and 49 hand-coloured acquatint plates (one folding). complete as issued. A contemporary Fine Binding in full red morocco and elaborate gilt decoration, marbled endpapers, a.e.g. From the Library of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. with his bookplate. Tall quarto. (12 7/8 x 9 3/4 inches). A very fresh copy of a rare book.  Near Fine- £2,400

39 Brockedon W. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE PASSES OF THE ALPS. By which Italy communicates with France, Switzerland, and Germany.  London : Printed for The Author, 11 Caroline Street, Bedford Square. 1838   pp91 + 104. 48 + 42 steel engravings, 6 + 6 maps in 2 volumes. Two Volumes bound in contemporary half calf gilt, 5 raised bands, a.e.g. rubbed.  Very Good- £1,200

40 Brockedon W. JOURNALS OF EXCURSIONS IN THE ALPS. The Pennine, Graian, Cottian, Rhetian, Lepontian..  James Duncan. 1833 1st.  pp376.  fold. new map to illustrate Brockedon's Journals ... W.B. was a great friend of the artist Clarkson Stanfield.  fine cont. half calf, marbled boards, raised bands, gilt.  Near Fine £345

41 Brown J. THE HARD YEARS. An Autobiography.  Gollancz. 1967 1st.  pp256.  frontis. 42 illus.  Signed by Tony Streather. un-pc dw Very Good £120

42 Browne, J.D.H., Barry, et. al. Dr. M. STORIES FROM SWITZERLAND AND THE TYROL.  Incidents of History, Adventure & Travel.  T. Nelson.   1853   pp494.  engraved frontis. 'Ascent of Mont Blanc' and 5 full page engravings which are all 'browned' due to quality of paper.. Chapter includes a history of Mont Blanc and 9pp account of 42nd ascent by Brown and Alfred Goodall. orig. red gilt dec. cloth, sp. edges split. a.e.g. Rare. (made £500 at auction)  Good £375

43 Bruce Hon. Brig.-Gen. C.G. HIMALAYAN WANDERER.   Maclehose. 1934 1st.  pp309.  frontis. 21 illus. orig. cloth sp. faded and relaid.  Very Good £85

44 Buhl H. NANGA PARBAT PILGRIMAGE. A Mountainer's Autobigraphy.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1956 1st.  pp360.  illus. frontis. port. 3 maps. green cloth. Signed by Reinhold Messner and Kurt Diemberger. un-pc dw Very Good- £265

45 Burdsall R.L. MEN AGAINST THE CLOUDS. The Conquest of Minya Konka.  John Lane.  1935 1st.  pp272.  frontis. 46 illus. 8 maps and charts. original mauve cloth sl. faded as usual.  in fascimile colour dw. Very Good- £70

46 Burford R. DESCRIPTION OF A VIEW OF MONT BLANC,  the Valley of Chamounix and the surrounding mountains. 1837 1st.  pp15.  large folding panorama [44 x 37 cms.] Painted by the proprietor Extremely rare. Lower margin of pages trimmed to bottom of text with some very slight loss, unbound.   £795

47 Burlington Smith J. a group of 11 original photographic copyright prints [24 x 29 cms.] of Kangchenjunga (8) and Everest (3), by the famed photographer of Darjeeling from his negatives and apparently inscribed with titles, in his hand, on verso.   Darjeeling studio. c1910    rare and   Good £245

48 Burnet (Bishop of Salisbury)  Gilbert. SOME LETTERS containing, An account of what fee-med moft remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, &c.  at Rotterdam, printed by Abraham Archer. 1686 1st.  pp310.  vignette woodcut on title page. half calf, brown buckram rubbed. pages trimmed.  Very Good £495

49 Canziani E. COSTUMES, TRADITIONS AND SONGS OF SAVOY.   Chatto & Windus.  1911 1st.  pp180.  illustrated with 50 cold. mounted reproductions of pictures and many line drawings. frontis. a little creased in corner. orig. gilt  cold. pict. dec. vellum rubbed. t e.g., hinges a bit weak otherwise   Very Good £420

50 Canziani E. & Rohde E. PIEDMONT.   Chatto & Windus.  1913 1st.  pp204.  illustrated with 50 cold. mounted reproductions of pictures and many line drawings. orig. gilt dec. cloth. t.e.g.  Near Fine- £375

51 Carr G. MURDER ON THE MATTERHORN.   E. P. Dutton & Co.  1953 1st. U.S.  pp223.  Fiction. the author's 2nd book  in dw Fine- £125

52 Charlet (libraire) A. SOUVENIRS DU MT. BLANC.   Wild, Paris.  1855 - 1857   22 tinted colour lithographs [10 x 13.5 cms.] and one double fold. panorama Vue de la chaine du Mont Blanc prise de la Flechere Chamounix. Theodore Muller after Deroy & Loppe. Sallenches. Mont Blanc prise de St. Martin. Chamouny. Hotel Royal et de l'Union. Prise de la route de Chamouny. Source de l'Aveyron. Vue de l'Hotel d'Angleterre. Glacier de 'Argentieres. Glaciers des Bossons. La Cabine sur le Grand Mulet. Premier Ascension de l'Aiguille du Midi (2), Retour d'une Ascension au Mont Blanc. Mer de Glace. prise du Chapeau. Tete Noire. Prise du col de Balme. Martigny. Village et Glacier d'Argentieres. Hospice du St. Bernard. Aix les Bains. (2) These being the smaller versions. Perret 3142. Original green cloth with gilt decoration, worn along edges. oblong 8vo. [13.5 x 19 cms.] new morocco spine. Very Rare.   

53 Chatelain Madame de MR. ALBERT SMITH'S ASCENT OF MONT BLANC, in Miniature.   A.N. Myers Co., 144 Leadenhall Street, London. Published March 1st. 1854   14 lithograph on stone views hand coloured and gum arabic. 11.6 x 17.6 cms. [17.4 x 19.5] after the original William Beverley pictorial illustrations for the show at the Egyptian Hall. from the 'peepshow'.  Exceptionally Rare.  Very Good-

54 Chevalley G., Dittert R. & Lambert R. AVANT-PREMIERES A L'EVEREST.   Arthaud.  1954  50mille.   pp310.  40  illus. text drawings. maps. uncut. Signed by Andre Roch, George Band, Charles Wylie, Michael Ward, George Lowe and Mike Westmacott. protected  in dw Near Fine £265

55 Clark R.W. THE ALPS.   Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  1973 1st.  pp288.  32pp cold. plates. 120 b/w illus. maps. ex. MAM lib. label.  in dw Very Good- £18

56 Clark R.W. THE TRUE BOOK ABOUT MOUNTAINEERING.   Frederick Muller. 1957 1st.  pp143.  frontis. and 12 illus. by F. Stocks May.  in dw Near Fine £28

57 Cleaver R. A WINTER SPORT BOOK.   Adam and Charles Black.  1911 1st. pp 10-62  22 tipped-in plates and 26 line drawings printed on the interleaves blue cloth dec. illus.  Very Good £220

58 Cockburn Major J.P. SWISS SCENERY from Drawings by   Rodwell & Martin.  1820 1st.  pp200.  engraved title. 2 vignettes. 60 steel engravings inc. Mont Blanc from Chamouny. some sl. foxing a very handsome large paper edition [23 x 29] bound in fine dark green morocco. 5 raised bands with gilt. dec. panels and board edges. a.e.g.  Very Good £975

59 Collection  AN ALBUM OF SOUVENIRS SUISSE. A series of forty-six views including Ascension au Mont Blanc.  c1840-60   14 original views hand coloured gouache. titles in ink by hand. (c.10 x 14 & 12 x 15.3 cms.) originals by Jean Dubois. inc. Geneve et Mont Blanc, Clarens, Vernex..., Le Righi, Chateau de Chillon, Tell's Chapelle, Tete Noire, Village et glacier d'Argentier    £7,000

60 Colston M. PLATES ILLUSTRATIVE OF A JOURNAL OF A TOUR IN FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, AND ITALY. From Original Drawings, taken in Italy, the Alps, and the Pyrenees.  Printed for G. and W.B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane, London.  1823 1st.  46 lithographs on stone de Villain. 9 of Italy - Como, 10 Switzerland - Martigny, Fribourg, Staubbach, Thun,  27 Pyrenees - Bayonne, Pau, Barrages, Cauterets, Luchon. image size 26 x 36 cms. Folio. Bound in fine half calf and marbled boards. Almost  Fine £2,400

61 Compton E.T. WINSCOMBE Sketches of Life and Scenery Amongst the Mendip Hills.  William Poole.  c1882 2nd. enlarged.  pp207.  frontis.  orig. blue dec. cloth gilt sl. worn. inscribed 'R.F. Gurney with the author's love'.  Very Good- £275

62 Conan Doyle A. AN ALPINE PASS ON "SKI".   George Newnes. 1894  vol. VIII.   pp5.  8 photo illus. This is the first printed narrative of the English ski-ing in the Alps. complete article bound in plain card covers. from The Strand Magazine vol  Near Fine £35

63 Conway Sir Martin. THE BOLIVIAN ANDES. A Record of Climbing & Exploration in the Cordillera Real in the Years 1898 and 1900.  Harper & Brothers Publishers, London and New York. 1901 1st.  pp252.  frontis. and 74 photo illus. all with blind stamp of Leeds Public Library (ex-Yorkshire Ramblers) orig. cloth gilt, but top of sp. nicked and ex-lib r.s.m. and labels, but better than  Good £125

64 Conway  Sir W.M. THE FIRST CROSSING OF SPITSBERGEN. Being an account of an inland journey of exploration and survey with descriptions of several mountain ascents.....  J. M. Dent & Co. 1897 1st.  ppxii + 371.  7 coloured plates, 56 b/w plates, 44 illus. 2 maps [fold.] orig. half green cloth gilt with tan, t.e.g. pages uncut.  Fine- £475

65 Coolidge W.A.B. SWISS TRAVEL AND SWISS GUIDE-BOOKS.   Longmans, Green, and Co.  1889 1st.  pp336.   orig. brown cloth gilt, scarce.  Near Fine- £385

66 Coolidge W.A.B. WALKS AND EXCURSIONS IN THE VALLEY OF GRINDELWALD.   Fritz Bernet. 1929 3rd.  pp64.  with the Government map and several illustrations. orig. wrappers. rare.  Very Good £85

67 Cox S.S. A BUCKEYE ABROAD. or, Wanderings in Europe and in the Orient.  Moore, Anderson & Co. Cincinnati. 1854 2nd. (4th.?)  pp444.  or, Wanderings in Europe and in the Orient. Full-leather boards with Ohio School Library blind-stamped on boards, fr. detached. chapters 22, 23 and 24 pp287-314 Chamonix and Mont Blanc. Meckly 55.  Good £130

68 Coxe W. TRAVELS IN SWITZERLAND, in a series of Letters to William Melmoth Esq.,   Printed for T. Cadell, in The Strand. London. 1789 1st.  pp 428+422+446 five eng. plts. (inc. 3 folding) panorama View of the Alps as seen from the Environs of Berne and two folding eng. maps. Mont Blanc and the Adjacent Alps. (similar to de Saussure map) Map of Switzerland (closed tear to central fold & reattached at rear of 3 vols. contemp. half calf, marbled boards, with red leather sp. labels. uncut pages.  Very Good £785

69 Coxhead E. ONE GREEN BOTTLE.   Faber & Faber.  1951 1st.  pp281.  perhaps the best of all mountaineering fiction. dw a bit chipped but not price clipped. in dw Near Fine £295

70 Coxhead E. THE FIGURE IN THE MIST.   Collins. 1955 1st.  pp256.  Arran climbing fiction. Rare. quite scarce. in dw Very Good- £65

71 Crabb E.W. THE CHALLENGE OF THE SUMMIT. Stories of Mountains and Men.  The Paternoster Press.  1957 1st.  pp152.  16 photo illus. insc. on f.e.p. in dw Very Good £18

72 Cremer R.W. MOUNT EVEREST AND OTHER POEMS.   Privately Printed by the Author for Private Circulation.  1923   pp59.  includes 'Sunset on Mont Blanc' and 'Chamonix' as well as 'Everest' the Harrow School Prize Poem, 1923. original paper covered boards and cloth sp. with printed paper sp. label. very rare. Neate C145  Near Fine- £195

73 Cunningham and Abney, Capt. W. de W. C.D. THE PIONEERS OF THE ALPS.   Sampson, Low, Marston,.... 1888 2nd. pp180. with 35 portraits of the guides in photogravure. illustrations in the text, some full page. orig. maroon cloth gilt. sp. faded.  Very Good- £425

74 De Beer Sir G. ALPS AND MEN.  pages from forgotten diaries of Travellers and Tourists.   Edward Arnold.  1932 1st.  pp256.  15 plates. drawings in the text and 3 maps sp. and top board faded. chipped parts missing in pc dw Very Good- £40

75 De Beer Sir G. EARLY TRAVELLERS IN THE ALPS.    Sidgwick & Jackson. 1930 1st.  pp204.  40 plates. 34 illus. map (fold.).   in dw Very Good £48

76 Dennis J. VIEWS IN SAVOY, SWITZERLAND, AND ON THE RHINE, FROM DRAWINGS MADE UPON THE SPOT.   Published by The Author, London.  1820 1st.  pp14 text.  31 plates drawn and etched by the author in sepia. 30 are marked 'proof'. The views are mostly (17) of the Jura and and the mountains around Geneva and (13) the valley of the Rhine. Jura, Jougne, Leclees, Cossonay, Vevay, Lausanne, Ouchy, Righi, Zug, Aarb Folio [45 x 30 cms.]. Contemporary marbled boards with original leather spine and corners.(Perret [1285] Bel Album, tres rare. Payot, ACL.)  Near Fine £2,950

77 Dent C.T. MOUNTAINEERING.   Longmans, Green and Co. 1901  3rd. edition reissue.   pp464.  illustrations by H.G. Willink and others. The Badminton Library. orig. pict. cloth gilt. ex. MAM lib. label. from the libary and signed by E.W. Steeple. 1903  Very Good £65

78 Dent C.T. MOUNTAINEERING.   Longmans, Green and Co. 1892 2nd.  pp439.  illustrations by H.G. Willink and others. The Badminton Library. orig. pict. cloth gilt. ex. ABM of SAC label  Very Good- £45

79 Deroy I-L. VUES DE SUISSE. Dessinée d'après nature et lith. par DEROY Gambart Junin & Co. 25 Berners St Oxf.  1845-51  60 lithograph vues [18.5 x 28 cms.] see Gattlen 1766. Geneve, Meyringen, Lauterbrounn, Cologny, Thoune, Visp et Monte Rosa, Sion, Zurich, Mont Blanc and many more..     

80 Deroy del. Muller lith.  SOUVENIRS DE GENEVE ET DU TOUR DU LAC.   Imp. Lemercier, Paris.   [10 x 14 cms]  20 tinted lithographs and 2 panorama. Geneve - Vue du quai des begnes et du quai Mont Blanc prise de l'Hotel de l'ecu de Geneve. Geneve - Vue prise des Bergues. Geneve et le Mont Blanc vue prise Pregny. Geneve - Rue de la Corraterie. Geneve Vue de la Nouvelle Eglise Catholique. Geneve - Tour de l'Ile. Geneve - Cathedrale St. Pierre. Geneve - Statue de J.J.Rousseau. Coppet - Lac de Geneve. Nion - Lac de Geneve. Rolle -Lac de Geneve. Vue de Morges et du Chateau del Vufflens sur le lac de Geneve. Lausanne - Vue de la Chapelle Anglaise. Vevey. Chateau de Chillon. Villeneuve - Lac de Geneve. Evian. Vieux Chataigner pres Evian. Amphion pres Evian. Thonon vue prise de rives. Montreux. Panorama de Lausanne orig. cloth gilt dec. recased and relaid. [15 x 19 cms.]   

81 Dikenmann R. SOUVENIR DE LA SUISSE.   Zurich.  1840-50 1st.  100 aquatint views. [7.5 x 11.5 cm.] Matterhorn (2), Mont Blanc (2) Chamounix, Montanvert, Monte Rosa, Zurich (4), Geneve a Le Mont-Blanc. St. Moritz, Coire, Pontresina, Lausanne. Vevey. Montreux. Chillon. Fribourg. Berne. Thoune. Wellhorn, Wetterhorn. Ei orig. orange cloth boards blindstamp dec. gilt. a.e.g.  Very Good £7,500

82 Dittert R., Chevalley G. & Lambert R. FORERUNNERS TO EVEREST. The Story of the Two Swiss Expeditions of 1952.  Allen & Unwin.  1954 1st.  pp256.  cold. frontis. 24 plates. 9 maps. Foreword and Signed by John Hunt, also Signed by Jean-Jacques Asper and E. Hofstetter. further Signed by George Lowe, George Band, Michael Ward, Charles Wylie and Mike Westmacott. in dw Very Good £475

83 Dodderidge M. MAN ON THE MATTERHORN. From Scrambles Amongst the Alps.  John Murray. 1940 1st.  pp135.  frontis. (map). 8 illus.  in dw Near Fine £30

84 Dowsing W. RAMBLES IN SWITZERLAND : with reminiscences of the Great St. Bernard, Mont Blanc, and the Bernese Alps.  Hamilton, Adams & co. London. 1869 1st.  pp139.  2 double page engravings of Interlachen and The Jungfrau and Valley of Lauterbrunnen. pp67 - 91 Chamounix, Albert Smith etc. orig. cloth gilt rubbed and worn, sp. missing. Rare.  Good. £275

85 Du Faur F. THE CONQUEST OF MOUNT COOK AND OTHER CLIMBS.  An Account of Four Seasons' Mountaineering on the Southern Alps of New Zealand.   George Allen & Unwin.  1915 1st.  pp250.  frontis. and 48 illus. rebound in new matching buckram cloth, retaining original gilt spine labels. t.e.g. uncut.  Near Fine- £225

86 Dubois J. SOUVENIRS DE CHAMOUNIX. Souvenirs de la Suisse. Dessines d'apres nature par J. Dubois.   Chez Briquet et Fils. Rue de la Cite. No. 33 Geneve. c1830   21 (2 double page) lithograph views drawn on stone. Cluse. Grotte de Balme. Cascade d'Arpennaz. Le Mont Blanc vu de St. Martin. Glacier des Bossons. Les Bains de St. Gervais.Cascade de Bonnant. Cascade de Chede. Lac de Chede. Hotel de la Couronne et le Mt original printed dec. green card wrappers, with orig. spine. rare in this condition, 12.5 x 17.5 cms..  [Perret 1401]  Very Good £2,800

87 Durham W.E. SUMMER HOLIDAYS IN THE ALPS 1898-1914.   T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd. 1916 1st.  pp207.  57 illus.  orig. blue (variant) cloth gilt. some wear.  Very Good- £55

88 E P   THROUGH NEPAL TO EVEREST. MOUNT EVEREST 1953 FILM STRIP 35mm SINGLE SCENE COLOUR FILM STRIP Educational Productions Ltd. 17, Denbigh St. London, S.W.1. 1953   40 negs. in roll tin. These include the most iconic images and few are believed to have survived. contained in the original round tin with printed paper label. together with the original printed booklet 'Notes for use with the Filmstrip' by Wilfred Noyce. 43 frames in colour Price 25/-  Very Good

89 Ebel J.G. AN ATLAS TO EBEL'S TRAVELLERS GUIDE THROUGH SWITZERLAND; Containing Panoramic Views of the Mountains &c. &c.  Printed for Samuel Leigh.  1818 1st  pp30 3 folding panoramic views of the Alps, one plate of cramp irons. and another Remarkable places in the neighbourhood of Zurich. an index of  in the original binding with paper label, but some worming (dead) and stain which affects upper left of title page and 1st panorama. with The Travelling Map of Switzerland by Capt. Henry Keller [large cold. fold. on linen] covers detached at spine.  Very Good- £300

90 Edwards A.B. UNTRODDEN PEAKS AND UNFREQUENTED VALLEYS   George Routledge.  1890 2nd.  pp389.  frontis. 8 full page and 18 text engravings. cold. fold. map. pict. gilt. dec. cold. cloth. the spine cloth though is loose with parts missing.  Very Good- £145

91 Egeler C.G. THE UNTRODDEN ANDES. Climbing Adventures in the Cordillera Blanca.  Faber.  1955 1st.  pp203.  32 plates. 9 text figures.  in dw Very Good- £28

92 Emery M.S. SWITZERLAND THROUGH THE STEREOSCOPE. A Journey over and around the Alps.  Underwood and Underwood.  c1900 1st.  pp274.  100 stereoscopic views which include some of Zermatt and the Matterhorn and nos. 78 - 100 of the Ascent of Mont Blanc. complete in 2 volume boxed set.   Fine- £800

93 Escarra J. & Segnone H. de. HIMALAYAN ASSAULT. The French Himalayan Expedition 1936.  Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1938 1st.  pp203.  48 gravure plates and 3 maps. orig. brown cloth gilt. a rare title. from the library of Una Cameron.  Fine- £120

94 Evans C. KANGCHENJUNGA THE UNTRODDEN PEAK.   T.B.C.  [1956]   pp187.  6 mono plates. 2 maps. 5 diagrams. Signed by the 2nd. summit pair Norman Hardie and Tony Streather. in dw designed by V. Coverley-Price Near Fine- £95

95 Evans C. KANGCHENJUNGA THE UNTRODDEN PEAK.   E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc.  1957 1st. U.S.   pp187.  5 cold. 32 mono plates. 2 maps. 5 diagrams. signed by Tony Streather and with postcard of Mt. Kangchenzonga signed by George Band, Tony Streather and Norman Hardie. in dw Very Good- £180

96 Everest 1953  6 PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS. 'From a Kodachrome transparency'.  Himalayan Committee. 1953   rare set of 6 cold. photographic cards 5 x 3.5" views of Everest (images on request)   Fine £90

97 Farrer R. THE DOLOMITES King Laurin's Garden.  A. & C. Black.  1913 1st.  pp207.  20 cold. plates painted by E. Harrison Compton. sketch map. orig. cold. dec. cloth gilt.  Near Fine £140

98 Filippi F. de. KARAKORAM AND WESTERN HIMALAYA 1909: An Account of the Expedition of H.R.H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy  Constable & Co.  1912 1st.  pp469.  36 plates, photos by Vittorio Sella. original half vellum decorated in gilt, but spoilt with label mark. uncut. t.e.g. the internal condition is fine.  Very Good- £795

99 Filippi F. de. RUWENZORI. An Account of the Expedition of H.R.H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy  Constable & Co.  1908 1st.  pp408.  many plates, photos by Vittorio Sella. 3 cold. fold. maps. ex-lib. blue buckram with sp. nos.  Very Good- £265

100 Filippi F. de. THE ASCENT OF MOUNT ST. ELIAS [ALASKA] By H.R.H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy.  Archibald Constable.  1900 1st.  pp241.  frontis., port. 32 photogravure plates,  illus., 4 fold. panoramic views and 2 fold. maps. recased in the original green cloth gilt. t.e.g.  Near Fine- £795

101 Finch Capt. G.I. CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST.   George Philip & Son.  1935 3rd. ed. rpt.  pp72.  Philips "New Prospect" Readers for Schools. with 23 illus. text figs. orig. pict. card wrappers. Rare.  Near Fine- £95

102 Finch G.I. THE MAKING OF A MOUNTAINEER.   Arrowsmith.  1927 3rd.  pp340.  78 photos. drawing. 2 diagrams. handsomely rebound in matching blue cloth.  Near Fine £30

103 Fisher M. & J. SHACKLETON.   Barrie.  1957 1st.  pp559.  48 plates. 37 drawings and maps in text.  in dw Near Fine £30

104 Fitz Gerald E.A. CLIMBS IN THE NEW ZEALAND ALPS. Being an Account of Travel and Discovery.  T. Fisher Unwin. 1896 2nd.  pp363.  frontis. many illus. fold. map.(complete but sepated at some folds) in e.p. orig. red cloth gilt. some wear. t.e.g. uncut.  Very Good- £385

105 Fitzsimons R. THE BARON OF PICCADILLY. Travels and Entertainments of Albert Smith 1816-60  Geoffrey Bles.  1967 1st.  pp192.  38 illus. & e.p's.  in rubbed dw Very Good £35

106 Flemwell G. ALPINE FLOWERS AND GARDENS.   A. & C. Black.  1910 1st.  pp167.  20 full page cold. illus. orig. green pict. cloth gilt.  Very Good £50

107 Forbes J. A PHYSICIAN'S HOLIDAY or A Month in Switzerland in the Summer of 1848.  John Murray. and John Churchill, Princes Street, Soho. 1850 2nd.  pp350.  fold. route map. 4 cold. litho. plates. Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn. orig. red cloth gilt. nicked at top and bottom of spine. o.w.  Very Good £425

108 Forbes J. A PHYSICIAN'S HOLIDAY or A Month in Switzerland in the Summer of 1848.  Wm. S. Orr.  1852 3rd.  pp350.  fold. route map. 4 cold. litho. plates. Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn. half blue calf, marbled boards, raised bands, gilt. sl. rubbed.  Very Good- £350

109 Forbes J.D. NORWAY AND ITS GLACIERS VISITED IN 1851: followed by Journals of Excursions in the  High Alps of Dauphine, Berne, and Savoy.  Adam and Charles Black.   1853 1st.  pp349.  10 full page chromolithographic views. 22 wood engravings. 2 maps. [1 fold.] rebound in new tan half calf and brown buckram. 5 raised bands, gilt tile.  Very Good £395

110 Forbes J.D. OCCASIONAL PAPERS ON THE THEORY OF GLACIERS.   Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh.  1859 1st.  pp278. chromolithographed frontis. and 9 litho plates. [1 fold]. 29 figs. orig. cloth gilt. worn and rubbed sp. very rare.  Very Good- £445

111 Forbes J.D. THE TOUR OF MONT BLANC AND OF MONTE ROSA. A Personal Narrative.  A. & C. Black.  1855 1st.  pp xl + 320.  cold. fold. map of the Mer de Glace of Chamouni at rear. The Pennine Chain of Alps map at front has extra old folds. text wood engravings. orig. maroon dec. cloth gilt. pict. sp. with old st. to edges. sp. edge worn. prize label on front pastedown.  Very Good- £225

112 Forbes J.D. TRAVELS THROUGH THE ALPS OF SAVOY. and other parts of the Pennine Chain with observations onthe phenomena of Glaciers.  Adam and Charles Black. 1843 1st.  pp424.  9 lithographs (2 tinted), 2 maps inc., large folding map of the Mer de Glace of Chamouni at the end. half calf gilt, marbled boards, 5 raised bands.  Very Good £985

113 Forbes J.D. TRAVELS THROUGH THE ALPS.   Adam and Charles Black. 1900 new edition revised and annotated by Rev. W.A.B. Coolidge..  pp572.  portrait frontis., many illus. diagrams. 6 maps. [2 fold. in e.p.] orig. blue cloth gilt. t.e.g. uncut.  Very Good £320

114 Franco J MAKALU.   Arthaud.  1955 1st. French edition.  pp226 + 10.  30 cold. and b/w illus. 5 maps. orig. cold. pict. wrappers. with the often missing 4 pp. extended description of illustrations loosely inserted. r.s.m. in chipped dw Very Good £95

115 Freshfield Mrs. Henry [Jane Quintin] A SUMMER TOUR IN THE GRISONS and Italian Valleys of the Bernina.   Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts. 1862 1st.  pp292.  4 lithographic plates. 2 fold. maps. bound without half title page. contemporary half calf, marbled boards rubbed and worn.  Very Good- £445

116 Freshfield Mrs. H. [J. Q.] ALPINE BYWAYS OR LIGHT LEAVES GATHERED. in 1859 and 1860 by a Lady.  Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts. 1861 1st.  pp232.  8 lithographic plates - The Weisshorn above Randa froma a drawing by Edward Whymper, The Titlis, Anderlekk, Sixt, Samoens, Cogne, Saas, Cima de Jazi from Macugnaga. 4 maps. contemporary half dark blue morocco, raised bands, gilt dec. panels, marbled boards. t.e.g. an attractive copy.  Very Good £595

117 Freshfield D.W. BELOW THE SNOW LINE.   Constable & Co.  1923 1st.  pp270.  9 maps orig. green cloth gilt. ex MAM lib, label and r.s.m.  Near Fine- £48

118 Freshfield D.W. ITALIAN ALPS. Sketches in the Mountains of Ticino, Lombardy, the Trentino, and Venetia.  Longmans, Green and Co.  1875 1st.  pp380.  frontis. title vignette, 8 wood engravings by Josiah Gilbert. 5 maps [fold.]. in orginal green cloth dec. gilt. rear hinge cracked o.w.  Near Fine £425

119 Freshfield D.W. THE EXPLORATION OF THE CAUCASUS.   Edward Arnold.  1902 2nd.  pp278 & 295.  2 vols. frontispieces. text illus. by Vittorio Sella. maps. vignettes. orig. cloth gilt, rubbed. top & bottom sp. nicked. uncut.  Very Good- £645

120 Freshfield D.W. THE LIFE OF HORACE BENEDICT DE SAUSSURE. with the collaboration of Henry F. Montagnier.  Edward Arnold.  1920 1st.  xii + pp479.  21 plates. illus. maps. bibliography. original cloth gilt, sl. rubbed. presentation copy.  Very Good- £375

121 Freshfield D.W. TRAVELS IN THE CENTRAL CAUCASUS AND BASHAN. including visits to Ararat and Tabreez and Ascents of Kazbek and Elbruz.  Longmans, Green and Co. 1869 1st.  pp509.  chromo. frontis. 3 fold. maps. 3 full page illus. 2 panoramas. woodcuts. original gilt pictorial brown cloth. a bright copy.  Near Fine £695

122 Frison-Roche R. FIRST ON THE ROPE.   Methuen & Co. 1949 1st.  pp268.  Mont Blanc fiction. The Guides of Chamonix. quite uncommon. un-pc dw Near Fine £36

123 Gardner A. THE ART & SPORT OF ALPINE PHOTOGRAPHY.   H.F. & G. Witherby.  1927 1st.  pp224.  155 photo. illus. recased in orig. green cloth gilt. uncut. t.e.g. new e.p.'s  Very Good £45

124 Geisendorf A. (edit a Geneve) SOUVENIR DE SUISSE ET SAVOIE. Souvenir de Montreux, Valais, Vallee de Chamonix dessine par M. Ballaloud, E. Lafon, lith. Cuvillier Ad., P. St. Martin, Jaime,  Imp. Lemercier, de Jacomme. Edit par Venance Payot a Chamonix. Museum du Mont Blanc.  c1860   62 colour tinted lithograph views c. 10 x 14 cms. Vallee de Chamonix (12) Geneve (9) Vaud (21) Oberland (8) Valais (10)  ( 2 double page panoramas Chaine du Mont-Blanc depuis la Flegere 10 x 29 cms. and vue generale de Montreux.) Tete Noire, Valorsine, le 8vo. oblong album [16 x 22.5 bound in cont. blue cloth gilt.]  Very Good £6,000

125 George H.B. THE OBERLAND AND ITS GLACIERS: Explored and Illustrated with Ice-Axe and Camera  Alfred W. Bennett.  1866 1st.  pp243.  28 original photograph illustrations and map of the Oberland orig. blue cloth gilt worn and rubbed. Bookplate of Sir Felix Schuster. One of the first mountaineering books with original photographs. otherwise  Very Good- £725

126 Gilbert J. CADORE, or TITIAN'S COUNTRY.   Longmans, Green, and Co. 1869 1st.  pp322.  frontis. sketch map. 33 illus. 9 woodcuts.  orig. green cloth gilt. ex-lib. label on f.e.p.'s, fr. hinge cracked. Lower part of sp. cloth repaired, a bit rubbed. rare.  Very Good- £425

127 Gilbert J. and Churchill G.C. THE DOLOMITE MOUNTAINS. Excursions through Tyrol, Carinthia, & Fruili in 1861, 1862 & 1863. with a Geological Chapter, and Pictorial Illustrations from original drawings on the spot.  Longman, Green. 1864 1st.  pp576.  6 chromo-lithographs by Messrs. M. and N. Hanhart after Josiah Gilbert. 2 maps. 27 wood engravings by Whymper.  orig. cloth gilt. st. cleaned from fr. cover.  Near Fine- £795

128 Girdlestone Rev. A.G. THE HIGH ALPS WITHOUT GUIDES:  Being a Narrative of Adventures in Switzerland....  Longmans, Green & Co. 1870 1st.  pp181.  engraved frontispiece. 2 fold. maps. (100 copies only.) orig. blue cloth gilt, rubbed and wear. signed 'T.W. Hinchliff 64 Lin: I. Fields' and also by C. Pilkington (A.C. President 1896) signature to f.f.e.p. pencil annotation by T.W.H.. ex.lib. label of the Rucksack Club.  Very Good £1,200

129 Girdlestone Rev. A.G. THE HIGH ALPS WITHOUT GUIDES:  Being a Narrative of Adventures in Switzerland....  Longmans, Green & Co. 1870 1st.  pp181.  frontispiece. 2 fold. maps. recased in orig. blue cloth gilt. Neate 'probably less than 100 copies were printed'.  Very Good- £850

130 Graham W.W. CLIMBING THE HIMALAYAS.  one of three adventures of recent discovery in "FROM THE EQUATOR TO THE POLE" by Eminent Travellers.  Wm. Isbister Ltd.  1887 1st.  pp254.  with 45 engraved illus. including the First one of Nanda Devi. orig. pict. dec. grey cloth gilt. a.e.g.  Near Fine- £125

131 Griffin L. JADE VENTURE. TIBET 1987. Shishapangma Expedition.     a set of 7 covers each signed by a member of the expedition inc. Stephen Venables(only 50 certified copies issued - these no. between 3 and 13) with postal frank mark of Nyalam Post Office.    Fine £140

132 Grouner G.S. HISTOIRE NATURELLE DES GLACIERES DE SUISSE.   Panckoucke. 1770 1st.  pp372.  engraved frontis. of Lauterbrounnen and 18 copper engraved fold. plates. 1 fold. explication. lacks 2 fold. maps? printers corrections by hand in ink throughout text. Plate XIII is the oldest known panoramic view of Mont-Blanc. Perret 2072 ex. lib. College of Surgeons of Ireland. worn calf, orig. marbled boards rebacked.  Very Good £2,200

133 Grove F.C. THE FROSTY CAUCASUS. An account of a Walk through part of the Range and an Ascent of Elbruz in the Summer of 1874.  Longmans, Green, and Co.  1875 1st.  pp341.  engraved frontis. title page vignette. 5 full page Whymper engravings. fold. cold. map. morocco leather sp. cloth boards rubbed. ex.  Good £225

134 Gurtner O. EVEREST. The Swiss Everest Expeditions in Photographs.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1954 1st.  pp144.  144 cold. and b/w plates. sketch maps. orig. cloth faded overall.  Very Good- £45

135 Hamer S.H. THE DOLOMITES.   Methuen & Co. 1910 2nd.  pp305.  16 cold. illus. by Harry Rowntree. orig. gilt dec. cloth. sp. faded.  Very Good- £65

136 Hargreaves A. A HARD DAY'S SUMMER. Six Classic North Faces Solo.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1994 1st.  pp158.  map. 8pp. cold. illus. 6 appendices. Alison Hargreaves signature tipped in with publishers printed press release of book states £18.99, although published price was £16.99. un-pc dw Near Fine £285

137 Harrer H. THE WHITE SPIDER. The History of the Eiger's North Face.  Hart-Davis. 1959 1st.  pp240.  40 illus. [some cold.] diagram. fold. map photo.  in dw (one small tear) Fine £200

138 Haston D. BRITISH CERRO TORRE EXPEDITION 1967/8.   1967   Expedition postcard SIGNED by Martin Boysen, Michael Burke, Peter Crew and Dougal Haston. base camp cache 15 Dec 1967 pictorial postcard with 4 x Argentina pesos stamps.  Very Good £350

139 Haston D. IN HIGH PLACES.  Macmillan. 1973 1st. U.S.  pp168.  17 illus.  un-pc dw Near Fine £60

140 Haswell P. POG CLIMBS MOUNT EVEREST.   Walker Books.  1990 1st.  pp28.  cold. illus by the author throughout. cold. illus. boards.  Very Good £24

141 Heim, A. and Gansser A. THE THRONE OF THE GODS. An Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas.  Macmillan and Co.  1939 1st. U.S.  pp233. 220 plates in photogravure. 18 text sketches. 11 musical items. 2 panoramas. 1 map.  in dw Near Fine £120

142 Heim, A. and Gansser A. THE THRONE OF THE GODS. An Account of the First Swiss Expedition to the Himalayas.  Macmillan and Co.  1939 1st.  pp233. 220 plates in photogravure. 18 text sketches. 11 musical items. 2 panoramas. 1 map. from the library of Una Cameron with bookplate..  in facsimile but extremely rare dw Near Fine £120

143 Herzog M. ANNAPURNA. Conquest of the First 8000-metre Peak.  Jonathan Cape.  1952 3rd.  pp288.  cold. frontis. 27 illus. 9 maps. panorama.  in dw Very Good- £14

144 Hillary E. EVEREST 40TH DINNER in aid of the Sir Edmund Hillary Himalayan Trust.  1993   some marks sl. affecting front of this A5 white card  Dinner Menu signed 'Thanks Nick for all your help. Ed Hillary 11/5/93' also signed 'John Hunt (Congratulations for your work on Makalu!)  Very Good- £240

145 Hillary E.P. HIGH ADVENTURE. The Conquerer of Everest Tells His Own Story.  E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc.  1955 1st. U.S.   signed on title page by Ed Hillary and on half title by John Hunt, A. Gregory, Tenzing, George Band, George Lowe, G. Pugh, Charles Evans, Michael Ward, James Morris. From the library and with bookplate of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. but ALL signatures are fake! except also by Jan Morris. in $4.50 dw Near Fine

146 Hillary E. HIGH ADVENTURE.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1955 1st.  pp224.  cold. frontis. 31 plates. Signed by the author 'E. P. Hillary'. spine faded.  Very Good- £185

147 Hillary E.P. Sir Edmund Hillary (right) and Sherpa Tenzing were in a happy mood.....' Some lines have been drawn on the faces to enhance the features for newspaper printing - only noticeable on very close inspection.  I.A. REUTER PHOTOS LTD. 1955  20.5 x 13 cms.  original photograph used Guardian newspaper 21 Jul 1955 ?  Very Good- £245

148 Hillary E. THE CONQUEST OF EVEREST. autotype signed 'Ed Hillary' in gilt. Mercury no. 1663 2003   first day cover envelope illus. datemark 29th April 2003 with Everest Team 1st class stamp. cold. pictorial envelope which includes gilt 'medal' with engraved image of Hillary on the summit and Britannia on verso.  Near Fine £120

149 Hillary E. The famous mountaineering Sherpa Tensing photographed on the highest point of the earth's surface by his co-victor of Everest Edmund Hillary. The ice-axe held aloft is adorned with the flags of the U.K., U.N., India and Nepal. Presumably published in British Newspaper to accompany story by Charles Evans.  Press Photograph in black and white. CE/1 bottom left. (Charles Evans)  1953 25.5 x 20.5 cms.  This photograph taken by Hillary and signed by him bottom right although know difficult to make out, although the impression of ballpen remains. The signature is now just visible as impression in the photograph. An original Tenzing signature is tipped to the back.  Very Good- £1,200

150 Hillary E. UNITED NATIONS FIRST DAY COVER. signed 'Ed Hillary'.     first day cover envelope illus. datemark 9-AM 3c United Nations stamp. postmark United Nations New York Dec 10 9-AM 1953  Near Fine £100

151 Hillary E.P. WHEELER'S RESTAURANT MENU. 19, Old Compton Street, London, W.1 telephone : Gerrard 2706  1953   pp6.  a pictorial coloured menu  illustrated with this famous oyster bar frontage and with seafood. Ed Hillary, whilst dining probably asked for his autograph and has signed this splendid menu 'E.P. Hillary'. This would have been whilst he was staying in London in 1953.  Very Good- £450

152 Hillary & George Lowe E. & G. EAST OF EVEREST. An Account of the New Zealand Alpine Club Himalayan Expedition to the Barun Valley in 1954  Hodder & Stoughton. 1956 1st.  pp118.  48 pages of photogravure illus. 2 maps. tipped in signature of Norman Hardie. in dw Near Fine- £85

153 Hinchliff T.W. SUMMER MONTHS AMONG THE ALPS: with the Ascent of Monte Rosa.  Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts. 1857 1st.  pp312.  4 chromolitho plates, inc. the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Wetterhorn. 3 fold. part cold. maps. re-cased in orig. brown cloth gilt. sp. relaid. ex-lib withdrawn label and r.s.m. on title page. 'one of 200 copies'  Very Good- £950

154 Holland G.S THE MOUNT EVEREST REGION.  Royal Geographical Society. 1971 1st.  1:100,000 scale map. which gives the clue to an unpublished Everest map by Michael Spender.  75 x 80 cms. flat. signed by John Hunt 16.3.64. together with RGS letter and invoice.  Very Good- £395

155 Houston and Bates C. & R. K2 8611 M. Troisieme Expedition American Karakoram    Arthaud.  1954 1st. French  pp100.  70 col. illus. part top sp. missing. This the only edition (in French) that displays expedition colour photographs. Excellent addition to K2 The Savage Mountain. extremely rare SIGNED by Tony Streather. dw Very Good- £180

156 Howard-Bury Lieut.-Col. C.K. MOUNT EVEREST THE RECONNAISSANCE: 1921.   Edward Arnold & Co. 1922 1st.  pp350.  frontis. 32 illus. 3 cold. fold. maps. orig. blue cloth gilt.   Near Fine £350

157 Howard-Bury Lieut.-Col. C.K. MOUNT EVEREST THE RECONNAISSANCE: 1921.   Edward Arnold & Co. 1922  Limited Editon.   photogravure frontispiece very slightly foxed, with 14 extra plates inc. 2 panoramas, 3 folding maps. number 84 of 200 large paper copies. original vellum-backed cloth, red buckram, large paper uncut, t.e.g.   Near Fine- £2,800

158 Hudson Rev. C.& Kennedy E.S. Where there's a Will there's a Way: AN ASCENT OF MONT BLANC. by a new route and without Guides.  Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans. 1856 1st.  pp95.  engraved frontis. cold. fold. map. recased orig. blue cloth. gilt. some sl. rubbing. Very Rare.  Very Good £1,200

159 Humble B.H. TRAMPING IN SKYE.   William McLellan.  1949 rpt.  pp 144. frontis. 14 photos. 5 maps. rare in  in dw Very Good £34

160 Hunt J. THE ALPINE CLUB CENTENARY DINNER. Menu.   1957   pp12.  cold. illus on fr. cover, Dorchester Hotel Nov. 6th card binding. Signed by the Alpine Club President Sir John Hunt.  Very Good £120

161 Hunt J. THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1954 Jan. 3rd.  pp300.  cold. frontis. 7 cold. plates. 48 b/w. text illus. by Charles Evans. inner hinges cracked. early signature 'E.P.Hillary'. in dw Good £120

162 Hunt J. THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1953 2nd. imp. December.  pp300.  cold. frontis. 7 cold. plates. 48 b/w. text illus. by Charles Evans. Signed by John Hunt, Mike Westmacott, Griffith Pugh and Jan Morris.  in 25/- net dw Near Fine- £395

163 Hunt J. THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton.  1953 1st.  pp300.  cold. frontis. 7 cold. plates. 48 b/w. text illus. by Charles Evans. Signed by the author on printed publishers label 'Autographed Copy of The Ascent Of Everest' and by Jan Morris. in 25/- net dw Very Good- £295

164 Huntley and Palmers Biscuits.  AN ASCENT OF THE HIMALAYAS.      cold. illus. trade card 11.5cm x 9cm    

165 Huxley A. STANDARD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE WORLD'S MOUNTAINS.   Weidenfeld. 1962 1st.  pp383.  16 cold. plates. over 100 illus.  cold. maps.  in dw Very Good £22

166 Imfeld X. PANORAMA VOM RIGI KULM. 1800 Met ub. Meer.  Kummerly & Frey, Bern. c1800   cold. lithograph deh. H. Keller. Stich deKonturen deh. X. Imfeld. fold. panorama printed on both sides 95 x 20 cms.  Near Fine £120

167 Jeffers LeRoy. THE CALL OF THE MOUNTAINS. Rambles among the Mountains and Canyons of the United States and Canada.  T. Fisher Unwin, Ltd.  1923 1st. U.K.  pp282.  cold. tipped in frontis. many illus. orig. cloth gilt.  Very Good- £55

168 John Hunt, E.P. Hillary and Tenzing.  Original PHOTOGRAPH OF MOUNT EVEREST signed by 12 (not Bourdillon or Evans) Members of the British Mount Everest Expedition 1953. taken by the Indian Air Force reconnaissance flight which delayed until the party was safely off the mountain.     23.5 x 29 cms. one of the very first signed souvenirs of Everest 1953 probably secured at Rashtrapati Bhavan at the end of June 1953. See The Ascent of Everest p225. signed by John Hunt (Leader), Tenzing, E.P. Hillary, Wilfred Noyce, A. Gregory, MH Westmacott, CG Wylie, Michael Ward, WG Lowe, GC Band, Tom Stobart, G Pugh. also by Indian dignitaries K N Katju, Rajindrasinly (Sri Rajendra Prasad?), D Nehru? (Prime Minister) (Jawaharlal?)   Very Good £2,800

169 Jones O.G. ROCK-CLIMBING IN THE ENGLISH LAKE DISTRICT.   Longmans, Green, and Co.  1900 2nd.  pp322 + pp9 of ads. with a Memoir and Portrait of the Author, 31 full page illustration in collotype and 9 lithograph plate diagrams of the chief routes, and an appendix by George and Ashley Abraham. original cloth gilt. a very bright copy. owners insc. by Rev. J. Nelson Burrows, V.-P. Climbers Club 1907.  Near Fine- £295

170 Kawaguchi The Shramana Ekai.  THREE YEARS IN TIBET.   Theosophical Publishing Society, Madras.  1909 1st.  pp719.  frontispiece and 10 plates. 63 text illus. fold. map at end repaired. Finely rebound in half leather, dec. gilt compartments, 5 raised bands and retaining original printed wrappers.  Very Good- £395

171 Kennedy E.S. PEAKS, PASSES, AND GLACIERS; Being Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club.   Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts. 1862 1st.  pp445 & 541.  8 maps. 22 wood engravings (5 full page). 6 maps. 34 wood engravings (7 full page) 2 volumes in orig. Alpine Club tan pict. gilt. cloth. uncut and unopened pages. Superb.  Near Fine £575

172 Kernahan F.R.G.S. C. A MUFF ON A MOUNTAIN; or, HOW WE 'DID' MONT BLANC.  Messrs. Fores, Piccadilly, W. 1889 1st.  pp264 - 272 with illus. by R.M. Alexander 'Avancez, s'il vous plait Monsieur'. extract bound in card covers, paper label.  Near Fine. £145

173 King Rev. S.W. THE ITALIAN VALLEYS OF THE PENNINE ALPS: A Tour through all the romantic and less-frequented vals  John Murray. 1858 1st.  pp558.  engraved frontis, 9 full page, 6 text. 4 maps &c. recased in original blue cloth gilt. a bit shabby. new e.p.'s and repair to top of title page. page edges dampstained.  Good. £245

174 Kingdon-Ward Capt. F. THE MYSTERY RIVERS OF TIBET.   Lippincott.  1923 1st. U.S.  pp316.  frontis. 21 illus. 1 section, 3 maps [1 fold.] orig. yellow dec. cloth, sl. foxing. sp. sl. darkened. a tight copy. very rare.  Very Good - reduced price £375

175 Kirwan L.P. MEN AND THINGS as I SAW THEM IN EUROPE.   Harper & Brothers. 1854 New York.  pp285.  pp191-196 Chamouny. Montanvers Mer de Glace. Salanche. orig. cloth gilt. blind dec. stamped. Meckly 105.   Very Good- £145

176 Krakauer J. INTO THIN AIR.   Villard.  1997 1st. U.S. (starts 2)  pp293.  illus. with woodcut engravings, photo illus. e.p. maps.  in dw Very Good £35

177 Kugy J. SON OF THE MOUNTAINS. The Life of an Alpine Guide.  Thomas Nelson.  1938 1st.  pp200.  frontis. 8 illus. map. unusually rare in  dw Near Fine- £95

178 Kurz M. (ed.) THE MOUNTAIN WORLD 1954   Allen & Unwin.  1954 1st.  pp224.  many illus. 12 maps and sketches. Signed by Ed Hillary, John Hunt (who wrote 'Everest Ascended p.19), George Lowe, Alfred Gregory, Michael Westmacott, George Band, Charles Wylie, Michael Ward and Jan Morris. (Everest 1953) Also by Tony Streather who survived A Narrow Escape on K2 p.113 in dw Near Fine- £850

179 Larden W. RECOLLECTIONS OF AN OLD MOUNTAINEER.   Edward Arnold.  1910 1st.  pp320.  photogravure frontis. 16 full page illus. orig. maroon cloth gilt. uncut. sp. faded.  Very Good- £65

180 Le Blond Mrs. A. MOUNTAINEERING IN THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1908 1st.  pp304.  71 illustrations and map. pages (paper) foxed as usual. orig. cold. pict. cloth. uncut. t.e.g. sl. worn.  Very Good £325

181 LeDuc A. LES ECHOS DU MONT-BLANC. Quadrille Elegant. a Melle. Plaine de Ligne. Londres, Robert Cocks. c1860   pp6. stone lithograph illus cover. 26 x 35 cms.   Good. £185

182 Lefebure M. SCRATCH & Co. The Great Cat expedition.  Meredith Press. 1969 1st. U.S.  pp183.  illustrated by Charles Geer. rare 'Rum Doodle' take off fiction. in dw Very Good £75

183 Lepiney de. J & T. CLIMBS ON MONT BLANC.   Edward Arnold.  1930 1st.  pp179.  frontis. 15 illus.  ex-lib. in dw Very Good- £24

184 Liddiard Rev. W. A THREE MONTHS' TOUR IN SWITZERLAND AND FRANCE. with a route to Chamouni, the Bernese Alps, &c.  Smith, Elder, and Co.  1832 1st.  pp263.  frontis. and 3 engravings drawn on stone [Hullmandel]. small map not bound in. orig. cloth gilt.  Very Good- £400

185 Liebig  LA CONQUISTA DELLE GRANDE CIME. Monte Bianco. Cervino. Lavaredo. Petit Dru. Everest. K2.  Liebig. Compagnia Italiana Liebig - Milano. 1961 1st.  cold. illus. showing ascents and mountaineers. 6 cards in serie n. 247 Signed by Walter Bonatti, Lino Lacedelli, Achille Compagnone and Reinhold Messner. A fine and rare collectable item.  Mint. £450

186 Longman W. and Trower H. [W.L. and H.T.] JOURNAL OF SIX WEEKS' ADVENTURES IN SWITZERLAND, PIEDMONT AND ON THE ITALIAN LAKES. June, July, August 1856.  Spottiswoode and Co.  1856 1st.  pp123. map [fold.] illustrating a six weeks tour in Switzerland &c. orig. red cloth embossed, gilt title. sp. relaid but small section missing. a very scarce book.  Very Good £675

187 Lorimer E.O. Mrs. LANGUAGE HUNTING IN THE KARAKORAM.   George Allen & Unwin.  1939 1st.  pp310.  frontis. 23 plates. fold. map. orig. cloth. in rare, part chipped and worn, un-price clipped dw Very Good £85

188 Lory, Lafond S.D. et Zehender K.L. G.L. RECUEIL DE PAYSAGES SUISSE dessinés d' après nature, dans une course par la vallée d'Ober-Hasly et les cantons de Schweitz et d' Ury. Berne: chez les Artistes Associés ave privilége. [1797] 1st.  pp40.  13 etched plates (23 x 15 cms.) accompagné d'un texte pour servir d'itinéraire aux artistes ey aux amateurs de Voyages Pittoresques. Brientz. Giessbach. Wandelbach. Oberhasli. Meyringen. Reichenbach. Fluelen. Ury. St. Gothard. Pont du Diable. Brounnen. Schweitz. \schwanau.  2° (394 x 240mm). Contemporary half calf gilt, marbled paper upper cover with black morocco lettering-piece laid down (lightly rubbed), later half calf case. an extremely rare book.  Near Fine £7,500

189 Lowe G. COMMONWEALTH TRANS-ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1955-58 30th. ANNIVERSARY.  The Cambridge Stamp Centre. 1988   a set of 7 covers each signed by a member of the expedition inc. George Lowe certified copy 1 of 7. One is certified copy 1 of 1 signed by Mr Frank Muir. Another no. 5 of 7 signed by Hal Lister.   Fine £140

190 Lunn A. A CENTURY OF MOUNTAINEERING. A Centenary Tribute to the Alpine Club.  Allen & Unwin.  1957 1st.  pp263.  8 cold. illus. of paintings. 16 photos. Anthony Huxley (World's Mountains) copy with his r.s.m. and annotations. orig. cloth very sl. rubbed. in dw- Very Good- £75

191 Lunn Sir A. THE SWISS AND THEIR MOUNTAINS. A Study of the Influence of Mountains on Man.  George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1963 1st.  pp167. cold. frontis. 23 illus. [7 cold.]   Very Good £18

192 Maeder H. THE MOUNTAINS OF SWITZERLAND. The Adventure of the High Alps.  Allen & Unwin.  1968 1st.  pp288.  very many illus.   Very Good £20

193 Magnone G. THE WEST FACE.   Museum Press. 1955 1st.  pp166.  frontis. 14 illus. 3 diagrams.  un-pc dw Near Fine £48

194 Malartic Y. TENZING OF EVEREST.   Crown.  1954 1st. U.S.  pp285.  frontis. illus.  Signed by Mike Westmacott, George Band and Jan Morris. in dw Near Fine- £185

195 Malby R.E. WITH CAMERA & RUCKSACK IN THE OBERLAND & VALAIS.   George Allen & Unwin Ltd.  1913 Headley Brothers 1st.  pp310.  5 mounted plates (7 tinted, 8 full col.), 8 photogravures inc. Matterhorn frontis. and 57 b/w plates. orig. cloth.  Very Good £48

196 Malczewski (Malezesky) A. ANNOUNCEMENT OF AN ASCENT est parvenu au sommet du Mont Blanc,..... Journal des Debats. Politiques et Litteraires. 1818 Dimanche 16 et Lundi 17 Aout. 4 page complete edition of this paper with single paragraph only.  Extremely Rare. Perret cites the Blackwood's Magazine letter from this Polish Poet addressed to Prof. Pictet in English. THIS is the first reference in French.   £120

197 Malczewski (Malezesky) A. Letter addressed to Prof. Pictet, DESCRIPTIVE OF ASCENTS TO THE SUMMIT OF THE SOUTH NEEDLE OF CHAMMOUNI, AND TO THAT OF MONT BLANC.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. 1818 November pp.180 - 182 (121-254)  rare account in this unbound vol. IV No.XX   £385

198 Manning (Ed.) Rev. S. SWISS PICTURES Drawn With Pen And Pencil. The Illustrations by Mr. Whymper, and others.  Religious Tract Society.  c1881 New and Enlarged Edition.   pp208 chromolithograph frontis. Mont Blanc from above Morges. 26 full page wood engravings (consulting Murray) and many in the text by Mr. Whymper, and others. pict. gilt dec. of Eagle and Chamois on brown cloth. a.e.g.  Very Good- £110

199 Maraini F. KARAKORAM. The Ascent of Gasherbrum IV.  Hutchinson. 1961 1st.  pp320.  107 cold. and b.w. illus. maps. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. signature of Walter Bonatti tipped in. un-pc dw Near Fine- £295

200 Mercier Rev. Jerome J. MOUNTAINS AND LAKES OF SWITZERLAND AND ITALY.  with descriptive notes by.  Bell and Daldy.  1871 1st.  pp130.  64 picturesque chromo-lithograph Hanhart views from original sketches by C. Pyne.  orig. dec. green cloth gilt.   Very Good- £695

201 Messner  R. 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST ASCENT OF MT. EVEREST WITHOUT OXYGEN. by Mr. Reinhold Messner & Mr. Peter Habeler on May 8, 1978  Nepal Mountaineering Association. 2003   by Mr. Reinhold Messner & Mr. Peter Habeler on May 8, 1978 special cancellation May 8, 2003 over UIAA Golden Jubilee Mt. Everest Nepal R.3 stamp.   £95

202 Mobbs A.N. & McDermott F. CURLING IN SWITZERLAND. A Treatise on the principles of the game...  Arrowsmith.  1929 1st.  pp223.  102 photos and 34 diagrams. orig. cloth gilt.  Very Good- £45

203 Montague C.E. IN HANGING GARDEN GULLY   Blackwood's Magazine 1922 Vol. CCXI no MCCLXXVI  pp241 - 250 the first printing of this famous rock climbing story. complete copy in orig. printed wrappers.  Very Good- £30

204 Moon K. MAN OF EVEREST. The Story of Sir Edmund Hillary.  Lutterworth Press. 1962 1st.  pp96.  cold. port. frontis. summit route diagram. with signed photograph of Edmund Hillary in dw Very Good £130

205 Moore A.W. THE ALPS IN 1864. A Private Journal.  David Douglas. 1902 1st. public edition.  pp444.  21 gravure plates. 10 maps. t.e.g. uncut. orig. olive buckram faded on sp. and edges, gilt. dec. pages uncut and unopened. (not t.e.g.). this copy has not been read.   Near Fine- £485

206 Morel S. (Editeur) SOUVENIRS DE LA SUISSE. Genève et Ses Environs.  Geneve. Rue du Rhone, 181.  c1853 1st. [15 x 22.5cms.] 13 tinted lithographic views gravés par Ad. Cuvillier et Deroy, [9 x 12 cms.] inc. 3 double page panoramas [9 x 28.5] Vue prise du Belvedere a l'Hotel des Bergues, Vue prise de I'lle Jq Rousseau, Geneve et le Mont Blanc Vus de Morillon, Le Mont Blanc, Vu  orig. blue blind tooled and gilt calf. a little rubbed. a.e.g. oblong 8vo. in original slipcase. Tres Rare.  Very Good- £1,200

207 Morris J. CORONATION EVEREST.   Faber & Faber.  1958 1st.  pp146.  8pp. of photographs and some maps. d/w suggests col. plates, but all deleted Signed by the Author Jan Morris. 16s net un-pc dw Near Fine £175

208 Morris J. THE FIRST ASCENT OF MOUNT EVEREST. Supplement. with a full page photo 'On The Summit' Tensing, photographed by his companion Hillary, at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, May 29, 1953.  The Times. 1953 Saturday 11th July  pp32.  fully illustrated with photos and diagrams, adverts. rare original newspaper Signed by Jan Morris.  Very Good- £145

209 Muller  T. SOUVENIRS DU MONT BLANC, DE CHAMONIX ET DES BAINS DE SAINT-GERVAIS.   c1840   24 lithographs [9 x 12 cms.] drawn on stone and one fold. panorama La Chaine Du Mont-Blanc Depuis Le Breven.[12 x 38 cms.] creased. marginal foxing and darkening to some plates. cont. half leather gilt, rubbed. Originally published in blue printed paper wrappers. ink inscription of John Nixon, Chamouni 17th August 1845. Perret 3142 Rare et tres recherche.  Very Good £3,600

210 Munday D. THE UNKNOWN MOUNTAIN. The Conquest of Mount Waddington.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1948 1st.  pp268.  frontis. 36 illus. 2 sketch maps. Bip Pares designed the  un-pc dw Fine- £32

211 Murray W.H. UNDISCOVERED SCOTLAND. climbs on rock, snow and ice.  J.M. Dent. 1951 1st.  pp232.  with 24pp. of photographs. 14 maps & diagrams. e.p. maps.  in not price-clipped dw which has seen better days. Very Good £45

212 Muston A. THE ISRAEL OF THE ALPS. A History of the Persecutions of the Waldenses.  Ingram, Cooke, & Co. National Illustrated Library 1853  2nd. 312pp frontis. 'La Perosa'. title page vignette and 9 further steel engravings. map. embossed cloth gilt, ex-lib. r.s.m.  Nr. Fine- £78

213 Neate W.R. MOUNTAINEERING AND ITS LITERATURE. A descriptive bibliography of selected works published in the English language, 1744-1976.  Cicerone Press.  1978 1st.  pp165. frontis. illus. maps. now scarce. in dw Near Fine- £55

214 Newby E. GREAT ASCENTS a Narrative History of Mountaineering  David & Charles.  1977 1st.  pp208.  many cold and b/w illus.  in dw Near Fine - £24

215 Nichols R.C. (Ed.) THE ALPINE CLUB MAP OF SWITZERLAND. with parts of the Neighbouring Countries.  Longmans Green & Co. 1874 with additions to 1880.   large engraved map with outline hand colouring (570 x 800 mm.)    Very Good- £55

216 Noel Capt. J.B.L. MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION 1924 Cover Postcard to Mr. R.C.W. Belcham, 'Lancedence', 3 Claremont Rd. Teddington, Eng. with Mount Everest Expedition 1924 blue vignette Stamp tied by red 'Rongbuk Glacier Base Camp' postmark Calcutta 24 Oct. 24 Indian one and a half annas stamp slogan postmarked British Empire Exhibition 1924. 1924   printed signature 'Best Wishes -  J.B.L. Noel. Captain. Mt. Everest Expedition' and illus. of Mount Everest. scarce.   Very Good £120

217 Noel Capt. J.B.L. THROUGH TIBET TO EVEREST.   Edward Arnold & Co.  1927 1st.  pp302.  frontis. and 25 illus. The Mount Everest Expedition 1924 stamp is pasted on the half title page. orig. blue cloth gilt. uncut. The rare first edition. This copy inscribed 'Very highest regards and admiration of the great climbing exploits of Noel Odell on Everest' below Foreword. the exceptionally rare original d/w is shorter than the book as originally published. in damaged dw Near Fine- £595

218 Normann J. ECHO DE MONT BLANC POLKA  Dedicated to Albert Smith Esq. - Composed by Jules Normann.  Musical Bouquet Office, 192 High Holburn, London. c1860   pp4. lithograph illustrated Music Cover showing Portrait of Albert Smith with four views of his Ascent of Mont Blanc. Scaling the Mur de la Cote, the Crevice in the Glacier de Taconnay, Coming Down and Crossing the Grand Plateau. complete with the pages of music. extremely rare.  Very Good £500

219 Norton Lt. Col. E.F. THE FIGHT FOR EVEREST: 1924.   Edward Arnold.  1925 1st.  pp372.  cold. frontis. & 7 cold. plates by T.H. Somervell. 24 mono. panorama. map. orig. green cloth gilt. crease in spine. o.w.  Near Fine- £375

220 Noyce W. ASCENT OF EVEREST 1953.   Himalayan Committee.  1953   pp20.  The scarce illustrated 'booklet' published to accompany the Everest Lectures, with a message from Prince Philip. Patron, British Mount Everest Expedition, 1953. Not in 'Neate'. illus. photo wrappers. Signed by John Hunt, Leader Everest '53, in ink, this an original signature of 1953.  Very Good £145

221 Noyce W. CLIMBING THE FISH'S TAIL.   Heinemann. 1958 1st.  pp150.  frontis. 24 plates. 2 maps. from the library of Una Cameron with bookplate. 2pp letter signed by Noyce and 'With the compliments of the Author' slip pasted in. un-pc dw Fine £235

222 Noyce W. MICHAEL ANGELO. A Poem in twelve parts, with Epilogue.  Heinemann. 1953 1st.  pp71.  illus. by Richard Taylor.  in dw Near Fine- £95

223 Noyce W. SCHOLAR MOUNTAINEERS.   Dennis Dobson. 1950 1st.  pp164.  wood engravings by R. Taylor Presentation copy Signed by Wilfred Noyce to 'Geoffrey & Janet Elizabeth LLoyd with all our very best wishes from Rosemary & Wilfred Noyce. Sept. 1956'. in dw Near Fine £185

224 Noyce W. SOUTH COL. One Man's Adventure on the Ascent of Everest 1953.  Heinemann. 1954 1st.  pp303.  4 cold. & 48 b/w plates. 16 line drawings and e.p. portraits by A.J. Veilhan who also deSIGNED the dust wrapper. 5 maps. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. in dw Near Fine £45

225 Noyce W. SOUTH COL. One Man's Adventure on the Ascent of Everest 1953.  Heinemann. 1954 1st.  pp303.  4 cold. & 48 b/w plates.16 line drawings and e.p. portraits of team members by A.J. Veilhan who also designed the dust wrapper. 5 maps. nick in top of sp. Signed by the Author 'Wilfred Noyce' and by Jan Morris. in dw Very Good- £295

226 Noyce W. THE GODS ARE ANGRY.   Heinemann. 1957 1st.  pp198.  Novel about Changma the 26,410 Himalayan 'Everest'. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. un-pc dw Near Fine £45

227 Noyce W. THE SPRINGS OF ADVENTURE.   John Murray. 1958 1st.  pp240.  21 illus. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. in dw Very Good- £30

228 Olsen J. THE CLIMB UP TO HELL.   Gollancz. 1962 1st.  pp191.  26 illus.  un-pc dw Near Fine £26

229 Oppenheimer L.J. THE HEART OF LAKELAND.   Sherratt & Hughes.  1908 1st.  pp196.  frontis. 37 plates. Anthony Huxley (World's Mountains) copy with his r.s.m. orig. cloth gilt. t.e.g. uncut. sp. rubbed worn edges repaired. faded.  Good. £75

230 Oxley T. Louis  JACQUES BALMAT, or The First Ascent of Mont Blanc.  A True Story.  Privately Published and sold at Kerby & Endean, 190 Oxford Street. Oatlands Park: J. North and all Booksellers.  1881 1st.  pp38.  A True Story. newly bound in tan half calf gilt, raised bands. discreet blind stamp of Leeds Public Library on title page and following 4 pages. Very Rare.  Near Fine- £575

231 Pares B. HIMALAYAN HONEYMOON.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1940 1st.  pp301.  16 full page illus. in blue monochrome. 8 pencil heads. 2 maps. 60 drawings. orig. cloth silver dec. sp. faded. but an unread copy in o.w. excellent condition. rare.  Near Fine- £85

232 Pause W. EXTREME ALPINE ROCK. The 100 Greatest Alpine Rock Climbs.  Granada.  1979 2nd.  pp202.  100 routes illus. by photos and diagrams. sl. bruise on edge fr. board. in dw Near Fine- £115

233 Pellegrini C. SKI chromolithographs.       please ask   

234 Perrin J. ON AND OFF THE ROCKS. Selected Essays 1968 - 1985.  Victor Gollancz. 1986 1st.  pp192. many illus. Signed by Jim Perrin. in dw Near Fine £65

235 Petit V. SOUVENIRS DES PYRENEES. Vues pises aux Environs etc. Souvenirs de Pau, Des Eaux-Bonnes, Eaux-Chaudes, Cauterets et Hautes Pyrenees.  Auguste Bassy, Pau.  c1855 1st.  Folio. col. litho fold. panorama des Pyrenees, 3 other panoramas, 4 title vignettes and 43 full page tinted litho views. orig. cloth gilt, morocco sp., some wear.  Very Good- £850

236 Pfyffer General CARTE DE LA PARTIE LA PLUS ELEVEE DE LA SUISSE. desinee en perspective du nord au midi d'apres le Plan en Relief et les Mesures. par Joseph Clausner Graveur a Zoug et publice par Chr. de Mechel a Basle. 1799   desinee en perspective du nord au midi d'apres le Plan en Relief et les Mesures. fold. map 3 x 6 [83 x 66 cms.] on linen.  Very Good £200

237 Photoglob  31 original photograph stereoslides of Switzerland and Bernese Oberland.   Edition Photoglob Zurich. c1890    with the original handheld stereo viewer.  Very Good £425

238 Pochin-Mould D.D.C. THE MOUNTAINS OF IRELAND.   Batsford.  1955 1st.  pp160.  48 illus. map.  in dw- Near Fine £35

239 Prout F.S.A. S. SKETCHES IN FRANCE, SWITZERLAND AND ITALY.   Hodgson and Graves, London. 1839 1st.  litho title, dedication page (loose) by permission to Her Most Excellent Majesty The Queen and 24 lithograph plates by C. Hullmandel [40 x 27 cms.]. partly loose in gutta percha binding. views include Verona, Chartres, Strasbourg, Tours (2), Amboise, Gene Fine binding Full burgundy morocco gilt tooling. a.e.g. Folio [538 x 352 mm]   Very Good £2,250

240 Pyatt E.C. SANDSTONE CLIMBS IN SOUTH-EAST ENGLAND.   London Section Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland.  1947 1st.  pp48.  12 illus. by E.R. Zenthon. 4 photographs. Foreword by Mrs. N. E. Morin.  cold. pict. covers. quite rare.  Very Good- £65

241 Pye D. GEORGE LEIGH MALLORY.   O.U.P. 1927 1st.  pp183.  6 illus. orig. cloth worn. spare label. insc. 'W.R. Neate 7/7/77' from the library of Bill Neate. Signed by Mike Westmacott, George Lowe, Charles Wylie and George Band.  Very Good £650

242 Rackham H. THOMAS CECIL FITZPATRICK. A MEMOIR.   Privately Printed. Cambridge.  1937 1st.  pp53.  port. frontis. with a chapter on mountaineering and travel inc. Aosta and Courmayeur. orig. blue buckram gilt.  Near Fine £35

243 Ratti A.A. CLIMBS ON ALPINE PEAKS.   Ernest Benn Ltd.  1929 3rd.  pp128.  sketch map. Essex Library.  Very Good £12

244 Rebuffat G. BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.   Nicholas Kaye. 1965 1st.  pp183.  104 cold. and b/w illus. ex. MAM lib. label.  in poor dw Good £24

245 Rebuffat G. THE MONT BLANC MASSIF. The 100 Finest Routes.  Kaye & Ward. 1975 1st.  pp239.  265 photos. (89 cold.). over 100 maps. ex. MAM lib. label. in dw Very Good- £45

246 Rey G. PEAKS AND PRECIPICES. Scrambles in the Dolomites and Savoy.  T. Fisher Unwin.  1914 1st.  pp238.  frontis. 76 photo illustrations. sl. foxing. orig. gilt pict. cloth. t.e.g. sp. sl. faded and nicked as usual.  Very Good £195

247 Rey G. THE MATTERHORN.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1907 1st.  pp336.  14 cold. plates. 23 drawings by Edoardo Rubino and 11 photos. orig. tan cloth gilt. leather spine labels. quite rare.  Very Good £295

248 Richardson M.K. AMONG THE ALPS.   American Tract Society.  1871 1st.  pp364.  engraved frontis. and 4 plates. includes a fictional  Ascent of Mont Blanc by the guide Frederique Leclair, with messrs. Phelps, Gray and Nelson.  orig. tan gilt dec. cloth. rare - not in Meckly, Perret, AC catalogue.  Very Good £345

249 Richardson E.C. THE SKI-RUNNER.   Cecil Palmer. 1924 3rd.  pp234.  143 text illus. 19 art plates. orig. blue cloth, gilt skier.  Near Fine £75

250 Richardson Jnr. T.M. SKETCHES IN ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE &c. Richardson's Sketches on the Continent. Thomas McLean, London 1837 printed at A Ducotes & C. Hullmandells Lithographic Establishments. 1st. and only edition. Elephant Folio. [56 x 38 cms.]  Tinted lithographed title (on St. Gothard) and 25 litho plates [sizes approx 270 x 400 mm.] drawn on stone by by T. M. Richardson Jnr. and J. B. Pyne (some spotting). Maggiore (3) Como (4) Venice, Garda, Grand St. Bernard (2), Sallenches, Chillon, Lyon, Z   Very Good £5,250

251 Ring J. HOW THE ENGLISH MADE THE ALPS.  John Murray. 2000 1st.  xii + pp287. 24 illus. e.p. maps. fold. map of the Alps. orig. cloth. un-pc dw Very Good £36

252 Robert P.A. ALPINE FLOWERS.   Batsford.  1938 1st.  36 colour plates from watercolours. with introductory text by Prof. Dr. Carl Schroeter. orig. paper covered boards. quite scarce.  Very Good £32

253 Roberts D. I'LL CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST ALONE. The Story of Maurice Wilson.  Robert Hale Ltd. 1957 1st.  pp158.  frontis. 18 illus. a rare book Signed by members of the 1953 Everest team George Lowe, George Band, Michael Ward and Mike Westmacott.  p/c dw Fine £395

254 Roberts D. I'LL CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST ALONE. The Story of Maurice Wilson.  The Wide World. The True Adventure Magazine for Men.  1957 Oct.   pp12+8+10 several illus. in 3 issues. orig. cold. pict. wrappers. Rare.  Near Fine £95

255 Roget F.F. SKI-RUNS IN THE HIGH ALPS.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1913 1st.  pp312.  cold. frontis. 25 illus. by L.M. Crisp. 6 fold. maps gilt pict. dec. cloth. t.e.g. uncut.  ex. Midland Association of Mountaineers lib. label. r.s.m.  Near Fine- £95

256 Ross D. ACCOUNT of BOTANICAL RAMBLES in THE PYRENEES, in August 1862.  R. Grant & Son, Edinburgh. 1863 1st. pp67. not illus. orig. printed wrappers. edges sl. marked. very rare.  Very Good- £220

257 Runge (Lange) H.  LA SUISSE PITTORESQUE.   Druck & Verlag von G.G. Lange in Darmstadt.  c1869   67 steel engraved views  [13 x 17.5 cms.] inc. Das Chamouni-Thal. Chamouny und der Mont Blanc.  Das Matterhorn und Zermatt. Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Martigny, Chamouny, Interlaken, Sion, Grindelwald, Thun etc. original french binding blind stamped cloth dec. gilt.  Very Good- £1,700

258 Ruskin J. MODERN PAINTERS inc. Vol. IV 'Of Mountain Beauty'.   George Allen & Unwin.  1888  complete edn.  6 vols. with supplementary index. many plates inc. The Matterhorn uniform brown cloth gilt. 6 vols. with index  Very Good £275

259 Ruskin J. MODERN PAINTERS. Volume IV containing Part  V  'Of Mountain Beauty'.  Smith, Elder and Co. 1872 3rd.  pp411.  'with best impressions of orig. plates' engravings include Aiguille Blatiere, Bouchard, Crest of La Cote and Taconay, and The Cervin drawn from the East, and North-east and from the North West. All with original tissue guards and in exceptional condition. rebound brown buckram ex-lib. a.e.g.  Very Good £165

260 Ruttledge H. EVEREST 1933.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1934 1st.  pp390.  frontis. 58 plates. 3 text diagrams. 4 maps. tipped in ink signature of F S Smythe 5/12/33 is in this copy. un-pc dw Near Fine £350

261 Ruttledge H. EVEREST 1933.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1934 Oct 1st. rpt.  pp390.  frontis. 58 plates. 3 text diagrams. 4 maps.  un-pc dw missing at top. Near Fine- £125

262 Ruttledge H. EVEREST: THE UNFINISHED ADVENTURE.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1937 1st.  pp288.  63 plates. 2 fold. maps. pencil-head sketches. Signed by George Lowe, George Band, Charles Wylie, Michael Ward and Michael Westmacott of Everest 1953. in laser copy dw Near Fine £375

263 Ruttledge H. EVEREST: THE UNFINISHED ADVENTURE.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1937 1st.  pp288.  63 plates. 2 fold. maps. pencil-head sketches of expedition members. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. un-pc dw Very Good £240

264 Ruttledge H. EVEREST: THE UNFINISHED ADVENTURE.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1937 1st.  pp288.  63 plates. 2 fold. maps. inc. the 1935 Mount Everest Reconnaissance map by Michael Spender. expedition members pencil-head sketches. orig. blue cloth gilt. top sp. split. rubbed and usual wear. in laser copy dw Very Good- £65

265 Salkeld A. & Bermudez J.L. ON THE EDGE OF EUROPE.  Mountaineering in the Caucasus.  Hodder & Stoughton.  1995 1st. pp260. 20 illus. 2 maps. signed by Audrey Salkeld. in dw Near Fine £28

266 Samivel  CHAMONIX MONT BLANC FRANCE. au centre d'un monde de cristal. L'Officedu Tourisme de Chamonix. 1972   original cold. poster 99 x 62 cms.   Very Good- £200

267 Saturday Magazine  SOME ACCOUNT OF THE VALLEY OF CHAMOUNI, and of THE ASCENT OF MONT BLANC.  John William Parker.  1837  June.   pp24.  3 parts with 2 full and 5 half page engravings. with part IV 'Storms and Avalanches of the Alps'. half calf and leather label on front board. Rare.  Fine £280

268 Saussure H.-B. de VOYAGES DANS LES ALPES, precedes d'un essai sur l'Histoire Naturelle des environs de Geneve.  Chez Samuel Fauche, Imprimeur et Libraire du Roi. Barde, Manget & Compagnie. Louis Fanche-Borel.  1779. 1786. 1796. 1796. A Neuchâtel and Geneve. The Rare First Edition.  pp540+641+532+594 1 carte and 8 (some fold.) plates. 5 plates. 2 fold. plates. 5 fold. plates. le chemin du St. Gothard, Vue du Mont-Blanc, Vue de l'aiguille du Geant, Le Mont-Blanc, Le Mont-Rofe vu des environs de Macugnaga.  all volumes with title page vignette collated  4 volumes in quarto (253 x 195mm). Contemporary speckled half roan over speckled boards, spines gilt with labels, speckled edges.  Very Good £6,500

269 Saussure H.-B. de VOYAGES DANS LES ALPES, precedes d'un essai sur l'Histoire Naturelle des environs de Geneve. Chez Barde, Manget & Compagnie. 1787 & 1786 volumes I - IV  pp366+391+411+484 vols. I & II re-issue of 1780 edition with fold. map Lac de Geneve et des Montagnes Adiacentes , panorama & 6 fold. plates. vols. III & IV 1st. with fold. map of le partie des Alpes qui avoisine le Mont Blanc and 6 fold. plates inc. Vallee de Chamouni, Na 8vo Octavo contemporary full tree calf, red leather spine labels, 5 raised bands gilt dec. panels. a little rubbed, but otherwise apparently unread and fold plates very clean. This forms the first part  with 'Voyage Autour du Mont-Blanc'. The 2nd. 4 vols (V-VIII) were published later in 1796.  Very Good £2,950

270 Seligman G. SNOW STRUCTURE AND SKI FIELDS.   Macmillan & Co. 1936 1st.  pp555.  nearly 400 illus. rare.  Near Fine- £145

271 Sella V. IMAGES DE L'HIMALAYA.   Alpina.  1942 1st.  40 photo illus. by Vittorio Sella, introduction by Jean Escarra. portfolio as published in orig. photo illus. wrappers. rare.  Near Fine- £120

272 Sella V. K2. The second highest mountain in the world.   Instituto Di Fotografia Alpina "V. Sella".  No.55 Biella  Limited Edition print from the original negative of 1909. size 39.5 x 30 cms. with 12 signatures of the Italian team members, Graziosi, Marussi, Zanettin, Lombardi, Abram, Angelino, Floreanini, Gallotti, Rey, Solda, Bonatti, Compagnoni, Lacedelli, Viotti, Pagani, Fantin. but not those of Desio or Puchoz. from the successful first ascent of 1954  Very Good £1,500

273 Shipton E. BLANK ON THE MAP.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1938 1st.  pp280.  frontis. 49 illus. 3 maps [1 fold.] Bip Pares illus. head and tail pieces. orig. black cloth. from the library of Una Cameron with bookplate. scarce. in laser copy dw Near Fine £595

274 Shipton  EVEREST: THE 1951 RECONNAISSANCE OF THE SOUTHERN ROUTE.   The Geographical Journal.  1952 June Vol. CXVIII Part 2. pp117 - 141 panorama, map diagram, map, 7 illus. complete issue in orig. blue printed covers.  Near Fine- £45

275 Shipton E. MOUNT EVEREST Reconnaissance Expedition 1951. Special Supplement. Price 1/-   The Times. 1951   pp16.  fully illustrated with photos and diagrams, adverts. Rare original newspaper. 1" tear pp13-14 and 1" missing pp 15-16.  Good-

276 Shipton E. NANDA DEVI.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1936 1st.  pp310.  frontis. 26 plates. text drawings and e.p. map diagram by Bip Pares. orig. black cloth. from the library of Una Cameron with bookplate. small chip to top of sp. in laser copy dw Near Fine- £185

277 Shipton E. THE MOUNT EVEREST RECONNAISSANCE EXPEDITION 1951.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1952 2nd .  pp128.  many b/w photo illus.  dw Near Fine- £85

278 Shipton E. THE MOUNT EVEREST RECONNAISSANCE EXPEDITION 1951.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1952 1st.  pp128.  many b/w photo illus. covers faded as usual.  Very Good- £45

279 Shipton E. TIERRA DEL FUEGO: The Fatal Lodestone.  R.U. 1974   pp175.  16 illus. map.  in dw  £18

280 Shipton E. UPON THAT MOUNTAIN.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1943 1st. rare.  pp222.  frontis. 30 illus. 4 maps. the dustwrapper designed by Bip Pares shows Dan Bryant on summit of Castor looking across at Everest (see p.245 Everest 1935). from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. un-pc dw Very Good £95

281 Slesser M. RED PEAK. A Personal Account Of The British Soviet Expedition 1962.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1964 1st.  pp256.  3 cold. & 23 b/w illus. e.p. maps.  in dw Very Good- £18

282 Smith A. A BOY'S ASCENT OF MONT BLANC written by himself. contained in the Boy's Birthday Book.  Houlston and Wright. [1859] 1st.  pp145.  25 text and 7 full page engravings not all of which appear in previous editions. orig. red cloth gilt dec. a.e.g. Very Rare.  Near Fine £575

283 Smith A. A BOY'S ASCENT OF MONT BLANC. with a memoir of the Author by Edmund Yates.  Ward, Lock and Tyler, Warwick House, Paternoster Row, E.C. [1860] 1st. thus.  pp xxxvi + 299.  engraved frontis. text woodcuts. bound in tan half calf, marbled boards. the 'memoir' edition bound with Comic Tales and Pictures of Life by Albert Smith.  Near Fine £395

284 Smith A. A HANDBOOK OF MR. ALBERT SMITH'S ASCENT OF MONT BLANC first represented at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly....March 15, 1852. The Author. c1853 4th. pp40 inc. 11pp of ads.  illustrated by Mr. William Beverley with nineteen outline engravings of the views. ( 3 more, inc. The Tete Noire Pass, The Pierre a l'Echelle, Halt on the Summit of Mont Blanc. than 1st ed.) Some views  are different (Martigny, Pelerins, The Palais Royal  orig. printed wrappers. 'any advertisements intended for the Next Edition (10,000) of this Book, to be published about Easter, with a guaranteed circulation of 5000 copies.   Very Good £1,400

285 Smith Albert AUTOGRAPHED LETTER SIGNED  (a.l.s.) 12 Percy St. May 8. 1848  single page, with part of envelope stuck to back addressed to Albert Smith. 12 Percy St. 'My dear Sir William, I only came up from the country late last night, or should have replied at once to your note. It will give me great pleasure to dine with you on the 12th. and I am Always yours truly Albert Smith'.  Near Fine £400

286 Smith A. MONT BLANC. by with a memoir of the Author by Edmund Yates.  Ward and Lock, [158] Fleet Street, London. 1860 1st. thus  pp xxxvi + 299.  engraved frontis. of The Hut Lately Erected On The Grands Mulets. text woodcuts of Geneva, Martigny, Balmat in the snow at Gr. St. Bernard, Chamouni, Pelerins, source of the Arveiron, Glacier des Bossons, Glacier du Tacconay, Grands Mulets, the Grand Plat The 'Yellowback' in original printed coloured and illustrated boards. Sympathetically repaired spine, but very Rare.   Very Good £750

287 Smith Albert THE NEW GAME OF THE ASCENT OF MONT BLANC.   A.N. Myers Co., 15 Berners Street, Oxford Street. London: W c1865 3rd. edition  pp.20. [inc. pp 4 printed wrappers] with the very rare surviving Rules for Playing booklet, upper cover replaced in facsimile. Printed lithograph folding Game Sheet with additional hand colouring and gum arabic, 8 sections laid on linen [41 x 54 cms.] with 54 vignettes illustrating the Ascent of Mont Blanc and starting at The South Eastern Terminus. From C. Adlers Printing Establishment Hamburg. This edition published in blue cloth covers and contained in the original cloth covered box with gilt lettered red leather label on upper cover 'THE GAME OF THE ASCENT OF MONT BLANC'. with hook and eye fastener. Exceptionally rare as it also includes the original box of counters with 10 each of five, ten, twenty and also 22 of one (each player must have 3 dozen counters i.e. one of each) this would allow up to ten players?  There are four player 'markers' and the original 'teetotum' spinning top which lands on 1 - 6 when spun in the original black lacquered boxwood bowl with red, green and gold coloured rings. It is unlikely that there is another complete example anywhere?  Near Fine-

288 Smith Albert THE STORY OF MONT BLANC.   David Bogue.  1853 1st.  pp219.  hand cold. frontispiece 'De Saussure ascending Mont Blanc'. text engravings. finely bound in blue half morocco, raised bands and gilt title.  Very Good £595

289 Smith A. THE WASSAIL BOWL. with signed autograph letter on 'A.S.' notelet.   Richard Bentley. 1843 1st.  pp252 & 249. illustrated by John Leech. humurous observations on life. 2 vols. bound in fine tan calf by Myers and Co. of London. (Riviere)  orig. cloth bound in back. rare and very handsome.  Near Fine- £325

290 Smiths  SMITHS EVEREST GOLD WATCH   c1953   produced in limited numbers to commemorate the Ascent of Everest 1953 9ct. lady's shockproof wristwatch. in original box. IMAGE available. SMITHS watches were supplied to the 1953 Mount Everest Expedition.   

291 Smythe F.S A BOTTLE OF WINE. The famous climber of Mount Everest tells another strange story of the Alps.  Ward, Lock & Co. 1936  April  pp591-600 An ascent of the Matterhorn. illus. by Reginald Cleaver. in the Windsor Magazine. orig. printed wrappers.  Very Good- £35

292 Smythe F.S. CAMP SIX An Account of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1937 1st.  pp307.  frontis. 35 illus. orig. blue cloth gilt, very sl. faded top edge. becoming rare. This copy with card signed in ink 'F S Smythe 5/12/33'  Near Fine- £345

293 Smythe F.S. CAMP SIX. An Account of the 1933 Mount Everest Expedition.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1937 1st.  pp307.  frontis. 35 illus. half calf binding gilt with raised bands and marbled boards. small ex-lib. r.s.m. on title page. becoming rare.  Very Good £85

294 Smythe F.S. EDWARD WHYMPER.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1940 1st.  pp330.  frontis. 23 plates. 3 text & 3 maps (2 fold.). orig. red cloth. in facsimile colour dw Near Fine £125

295 Smythe F.S. KAMET CONQUERED.   Victor Gollancz. 1932 1st.  pp420.  frontis. 60 illus. (on 48 plates) fold. map. from the library of Una Cameron. owner insc. in ink over pencil, September 1932. with bookplate.  Very Good £45

296 Smythe F.S. MOUNTAINEERING HOLIDAY.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1950 1st. thus  pp229.  frontis. 23 photos. map.  un pc dw Near Fine £25

297 Smythe F.S. THE KANGCHENJUNGA ADVENTURE.   Gollancz. 1930 1st.  pp464.  frontis. 47 illus.   Very Good- £35

298 Smythe F.S. THE VALLEY OF FLOWERS.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1938 1st.  pp306.  16 cold. photographic plates. 2 maps [1 fold.]. orig. green cloth gilt in good order. in facsimile colour dw Very Good £95

299 Somervell T.H. AFTER EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1936 1st.  pp339.  cold. frontis. 21 illus.e.p. map. fold map. orig. green cloth gilt. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. un-pc dw Very Good £245

300 Stuck H. THE ASCENT OF DENALI (Mount McKinley). A narrative of the First Complete Ascent of the Highest Peak in North America.   Charles Schrinmer's, New York. 1914 1st. U.S.  frontis. 33 photo plates. fold. map repaired. orig. pict. cloth gilt. worn and rubbed. ex-lib. stamp to title page. spine faded and marked.  Good. £145

301 Stutfield H.E.M. and Collie J. Norman. CLIMBS & EXPLORATION IN THE CANADIAN ROCKIES.   Longmans, Green and Co. 1903 1st.  pp343.  frontis. full page and half page illus. 2 maps [1 fold.] with a few extar illus. pasted in. in bright orig. cloth gilt.  Very Good £275

302 Sutton & Wilfred Noyce W. SAMSON. The Life and Writings of Menlove Edwards.   Privately Printed.  1961 1st.  pp122.  12 illustrations. orig. black cloth gilt sl. rubbed and marked.  Very Good- £75

303 Talfourd T.N. SUPPLEMENT TO VACATION RAMBLES. Rambles in france, Italy and Switzerland in 1846.  Edward Moxon.  1845 1st.  pp xiii+256 vii +267.  2 vols. Journey From Geneva To Chamouni pp67-108 and A Week At Chamouni 'with attempt to ascend MONT BLANC' pp91-137. orig. gilt dec. embossed cloth. spines worn and boards loose/detached otherwise  Very Good- £245

304 Talfourd Sir T.N. VACATION RAMBLES AND THOUGHTS; comprising the Recollections of Three Continental Tours 1841,2,3.  Edward Moxon.  1855 3rd.  pp340.   pp 226 and 258. A Week At Chamouni 'with the attempt to ascend MONT BLANC'. orig. cloth gilt. sp. worn. f.e.p. missing. ex-lib. copy.  Very Good- £135

305 Tenzing  25th Annivesary Conquest of Everest stamp sheet signed by John Hunt & Tenzing Special imperforated commemorative sheet printed in green 8 1/2p to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest.   1978    extremely rare. imprinted with Queen Elizabeth II "Machin" postage stamp (2 phos. bands) Printed on ribbed watermarked paper.  Mint £450

306 Tenzing Norgay Sherpa First Day Cover commemorating the Conquest of Everest. 2 'Conquest of Everest' stamps. 29-5-53  Indian Posts & Telegraphs 2nd. Oct. 1953.   two purple 2As. Conquest of Everest stamps. sent to Miss I.M. Behr, 8 Gardiner Avenue, London N.W.2. England  Near Fine £75

307 Tenzing Norgay Sherpa First Day Cover of the 25th Anniversary of the First Ascent of Mount Everest and Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 2nd. June 1978. with set of 4 Coronation Stamps to which a 2003 50th anniversary Everest 1st. class stamp is added. The Mount Everest Foundation. 1978    Signed by Ted Hatch who drew the Tenzing figure and by Jan Morris in later years which makes this cover unique.  Fine £150

308 Tenzing Norgay Sherpa Indian Posts & Telegraphs First Day Cover commemorating the Conquest of Everest. 3 'Conquest of Everest' stamps. 29-5-53   2nd. Oct. 1953.   with one brown 14As and one purple 2As. Conquest of Everest stamps.  Rare Fine £75

309 Tenzing Norgay Sherpa signed MOUNT EVEREST FIRST DAY COVER 29th. May 1978 Thyangboche Monastery 29 May 78 Base Camp 1953  Nepal Philatelic Society.     SIGNED by TENZING first day cover envelope with 4 25th Aniversary of the First Ascent of Mt. Everest Nepal r.2.30 stamps.  Near Fine £395

310 Tenzing  TENZING AND FAMILY ARRIVE LONDON AIRPORT. PHOTOGRAPH  United Press Photo. 1953 5th. July 17 x 22 cms.  United Press, New York Bureau. photograph details in stencil on verso. Mt. Everest Conquerer in London. Tenzing Norkey, the Sherpa Tribesman ... waves happily  July 3.  Very Good £145

311 Tenzing (Signed) Norgay Sherpa First Day Cover commemorating the Conquest of Everest envelope with picture of Tenzing on the summit and 2 'Conquest of Everest' stamps. 29-5-53  Indian Posts & Telegraphs  2nd. Oct. 1953.   with violet 2As and brown 14As Conquest of Everest stamps. 2 Postmarks 2-X-53 Darjeeling. Signed 4 times by Tenzing, on each stamp, on his Everest summit image and 'FR0m Tenzing 2-10-53 in biro on the front.  Very Good- £1,000

312 Tenzing (Signed) Norkay Sherpa Photo Portrait Post Card of Tenzing bearing Everest postage stamp set used on 1st Day Cover. Post mark Darjeeling 2 X 53  typed on back 'Autographed 1st Day of Issue. T ENZING NORKAY CONQU ERED EVEREST 29.5.'5 3. 1 of 100 Post Cards bearing Tenzings autograph. signed by Tenzing in blue biro across his chest.     typed on back 'Autographed 1st Day of Issue. T ENZING NORKAY CONQU ERED EVEREST 29.5.'5 3. 1 of 100 Post Cards bearing Tenzings autograph. signed by Tenzing in blue biro across his chest.   Very Good- £850

313 Tenzing Norgay and Hillary E.P. A Signed First Day of Issue Cover commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the First Ascent of Mount Everest. signed by Tenzing and Hillary, bearing 2 commemorative postage stamps issued by the Kingdom of Nepal, postmarked at Namche Bazar with cancellation 29.5.1978. Franklin Philatelic Ltd. 1978   with the specially stamped Mount Everest medallion, showing Hillary and Tenzing on the summit, in the centre of the envelope. Complete in original presentation wallet with the original letter from Franklin Philatelic re. limited edition of copies??  Fine £450

314 Tilly H. de ASCENSIONS AUX CIMES DE L'ETNA ET DU MONT BLANC.   De Chateauvieux et Pelletier Berthier-Guers, Geneve.  1835 Privately.  pp114.  with 2 engravings on stone 'Cratere de l'Etna' and 'Escalade du Rocher des Grands Mulets'. original blue printed wrappers restored. r.s.m. uncut, foxed throughout. Rebound in full leather binding gilt with raised bands. Very Rare.  Very Good- £1,750

315 Tilman H.W. MISCHIEF IN GREENLAND.   Hollis & Carter.  1964 1st.  pp192.  frontis. illus. and track charts. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate. rare but pieces missing from un-pc dw Very Good £120

316 Tilman H.W. MOUNT EVEREST 1938.   C.U.P.  1948 1st.  pp160.  60 a/b photo illus. 4 maps. orig. brown cloth gilt, sp. faded as usual.  Very Good £50

317 Tilman H.W. NEPAL HIMALAYA.   C.U.P.  1952 1st.  pp272.  61 photos by the Author. 7 maps. from the library of Una Cameron with her bookplate.  Very Good- £75

318 Tilman H.W. SNOW ON THE EQUATOR.   G. Bell & Sons Ltd. 1937 1st.  pp265.  20 photo. plates. 4 maps. text decorations by Bip Pares. orig. red cloth silver title sl. grubby. Wright's Library label on fr. pastedown. a quite acceptable copy of the most rare and first Tilman book. in facsimile colour dw Very Good- £145

319 Tilman H.W. THE ASCENT OF NANDA DEVI.   C.U.P.  1937 1st.  pp235.  frontis. 34 illus. 2 maps. tipped in signature of Peter Lloyd who was on this expedition. orig. cloth gilt. st. lower sp. from the library of Una Cameron with bookplate. includes a Cambridge University letterhead with typed note "With the good wishes of N.E.O." Odell made the first ascent with Tilman. in facsimile colour dw Very Good £325

320 Töpffer R. VOYAGE AUTOUR DU MONT-BLANC, dans les vallees d'Herens, de Zermatt et au Grimsel.  1843 1st.  48 engraved views 2 of Cervin, Grand St Barnard, Courmayeur, Val Ferret,  L'Allee Blanche. Album joliment illustre par l'auteur. In original printed paper wrappers, now bound in olive green cloth French buckram, gilt title.. TRES RARE.  Very Good £2,750

321 Tuckett E.E. HOW WE SPENT THE SUMMER or a Voyage en Zigzag. in Switzerland and Tyrol, with some Members of the Alpine Club.  Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer.  1873 5th.  pp40.  from the Sketch book of one of the Party. with 300 sketches. orig. green cloth gilt pict. dec. oblong folio. (Third Edition 1866).  Very Good- £225

322 Turner S. SIBERIA. A Record of Travel, Climbing, and  Exploration.   T. Fisher Unwin. 1905 1st.  pp420.  frontis. many illus. 2 maps.  orig. red. dec. cloth gilt. t.e.g.   Near Fine £285

323 Turner S. THE CONQUEST OF THE NEW ZEALAND ALPS.  T. Fisher Unwin. 1922 1st.  pp 291  frontis. 43 illus. map. orig. blue cloth with gilt spine title and blindstamped cover title and decoration.  Very Good £145

324 Tyndall J. HOURS OF EXERCISE IN THE ALPS.   D. Appleton & Co. 1871 1st. U.S.  pp473.  wood engraved frontis. 'The Jungfrau from Interlaken' and 6 wood engraved plates, inc. 'The Matterhorn'. orig. brown cloth gilt. Rare.  Very Good £145

325 Tyndall J. HOURS OF EXERCISE IN THE ALPS.   D. Appleton & Co. 1885 rpt. U.S.  pp473.  wood engraved frontis. 'The Jungfrau from Interlaken' and 6 wood engraved plates, inc. 'The Matterhorn'. 14 figs. in text. orig. brown cloth gilt sl. worn.  Very Good- £95

326 Tyndall J. MOUNTAINEERING IN 1861. A Vacation Tour.   Longman, Green. 1862 1st.  pp105.  2 wood engravings of the Weisshorn (Elijah Walton and the Matterhorn (E.W. Cooke). orig. cloth gilt. some sl. age wear.  Very Good- £285

327 Tyndall J. THE GLACIERS OF THE ALPS,  Being a Narrative of Excursions and Ascents. An account of the origin and phenomena of glaciers....  John Murray. 1860 1st.  pp444.  engraved frontis. of the Mer de Glace (foxed). 61 figs. diagrams etc. ascents of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Finsteraarhorn. contemporary half calf with 5 raised bands. leather title label. rubbed. marbled boards. Bookplate of Charles E. Mathews  Very Good- £225

328 Ullman J.R. KINGDOM OF ADVENTURE EVEREST.   Collins.  1948 1st.  pp320.  frontis. 29 illus. 4 maps. with spare section pp273-288 un-pc dw Near Fine £35

329 Ullman - original artwork J.R. THE AGE OF MOUNTAINEERING.   1956   original watercolour artwork 33 x 27.5 cms. image on card 41.5 x 34 cms. the design for the dustwrapper of the book published by Collins.  rare to find such a piece.  Very Good- £220

330 Unsworth W. EVEREST.   Allen Lane.  1981 1st.  pp578.  55 plates. 4 figs. 5 maps. Signed typed letter from Chris Bonington on his letterhead dated 22nd May 1985 which refers to his standing on the top of Everest with very freindly Norwegians. in dw Very Good £100

331 Venables S. EVEREST. KANGSHUNG FACE.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1989 1st.  pp236. maps, drawings, photo-diagrams, cold. and b/w illus. Signed by Steven Venables, Ed Webster, Robert Anderson and Paul Teare. un-pc dw Fine £120

332 Venables et al. S. EVEREST. Summit of Achievement.  Bloomsbury.  2003 1st.  pp252. very many illustrations in colour and b/w. Signed by Stephen Venables. in dw Very Good £125

333 Verne J. A WINTER AMID THE ICE and other stories. inc. the 40th. French Ascent of MONT BLANC.  Sampson Low, Marston.  1877 1st. U.S.  pp332.  60 illus. plates Original red cloth pictorially decorated in black and gilt, but sp. ends and corners worn. f.e.p. & ffep missing. Contains the account of the '40th ascent of Mont Blanc' by Paul Verne with 12 engravings. Rare.  Very Good- £195

334 Walton E. FLOWERS FROM THE UPPER ALPS. with Glimpses of their Homes.  W.M. Thompson.  1869 1st.  pp61.  12 fine mounted chromolithographed plates by T. Pickens printed by Messrs. H & N Hanhart, with the descriptive text by T.G. Bonney. bound in quarter leather gilt, rubbed.   Very Good- £950

335 Walton W.H.M. SCRAMBLES IN JAPAN AND FORMOSA.   Arnold.  1934 1st.  pp304.  frontis. 31 illus. 3 maps [2 fold. at rear] orig. purple cloth gilt. Rare and important work on mountaineering in Japan.  Near Fine- £395

336 Walton E. THE COAST OF NORWAY.   W.M. Thompson.  1873 1st.  pp24. 12 mounted chromolithographs views of Christiania, The Island of Torghatten, The Lofoten Islands From the Vest Fjord, The Raftsund Glaciers Near Nus Fjord, Hammerfest, Vaagekallen, The Fondalen Glaciers, The Hestmann Hornelen, Bergen, Langaardsund near Kr re-cased in original publisher's pale cloth with oval green inlaid title to upper board. oblong folio. very rare.  Very Good £2,400

337 Walton E. VIGNETTES: ALPINE AND EASTERN. Alpine and Eastern Series.  W.M. Thompson.  1873 1st.  pp24 of text. 24 mounted chromolithographs by Hanhart inc. Matterhorn, Val d'Aoste, Mont Blanc, Monte Civita. descriptive text by T.G. Bonney. original tissue guards. recased in orig. gilt pict. dec. cloth which is faded and marked. sp. relaid a.e.g.  Very Good £2,800

338 Ward H.C. WILD FLOWERS OF SWITZERLAND. or, a Year Amongst the Flowers of the Alps.  1883 1st.  16 chromolithographed plates, tissue-guards with key, occasional light spotting. orig. cloth. gilt.  Near Fine £650

339 Wedgwood Glass   WEDGWOOD HANDMADE GLASS EVEREST GOBLET. engraved pink glass engraved '25th Anniversary of the Conquest of Everest 1953 - 1978'  by Edmund Hillary and Norkay Tenzing 29th May 1953. 1978 Ltd edition no. 380 of 1500 only.  engraved with iconic image of Tenzing standing on the summit and of the route in the Western Cwm with summits of Everest and Lhotse. 16 cms. tall. limitation number etched on base. In original presentation box.   £400

340 West L.F. CLIMBERS' POCKET BOOK. Rock Climbing Accidents. with Hints on First Aid to the Injured......  The Scientific Publishing Co., Manchester.  [1907] 1st.  pp79.  41 photo figs. original printed wrappers. Very Rare. insc. 'W.R. Neate 15/5/72' from the library of Jill Neate.  Very Good £220

341 Weston W. MOUNTAINEERING AND EXPLORATION IN THE JAPANESE ALPS.   John Murray.  1896 1st.  pp346.  with 2 fold. maps at rear and 35 illustrations. orig. cold. dec. cloth rebound with original spine laid down.  Very Good £645

342 Wheeler A.O. THE SELKIRK MOUNTAINS.  A Guide for Mountain Pilgrims.  apparently privately printed.  1912 1st.  pp191.  59 illus. 6 maps. orig. pict. wrappers.  Near Fine £95

343 Whillans D. & Ormerod A. PORTRAIT OF A MOUNTAINEER.   Heinemann. 1971 1st.  pp266.  25 illus. Signed by the Author Alick Ormerod, also by Chris Bonington, Jim Perrin and Doug Scott. in dw Near Fine £265

344 Whillans D. & Ormerod A. PORTRAIT OF A MOUNTAINEER.   Heinemann. 1971 1st.  pp266.  25 illus. Signed by Alick Ormerod, Chris Bonington, Doug Scott and Jim Perrin. p/c dw Very Good £245

345 White W. TO MONT BLANC AND BACK AGAIN.   George Routledge and Co. Farringdon Street, London.  1854 1st.  pp xvi +208.   cont. half green calf, marbled boards. Rare.  Very Good £485

346 Whymper E. A LETTER ADDRESSED TO THE MEMBERS OF THE ALPINE CLUB.   Privately Printed by the Author. 1900 1st.  pp16.  in which Whymper responds to an accusation by Coolidge that the Almer 'leap' did not take place. fronis. engraving of 'the leap'. most rare - perhaps 100 copies??  Near Fine £1,200

347 Whymper E. CHAMONIX AND THE RANGE OF MONT BLANC. A Guide to.  John Murray. 1896 1st.  24 + xiv + pp200 + 16.  64 illustrations, plans and map of the Chain of Mont Blanc. with advertisements. cont. blue cloth bound with original printed illus. wrappers pasted to front & back. inscribed and signed by the author To Alfred Huitt, with the kind regards of the Authour, Edward Whymper. Huitt (A.E.H.), who provided many of the illustrations was apprenticed to Whymper. a desirable copy.   Very Good £485

348 Whymper E. SCRAMBLES AMONGST THE ALPS IN THE YEARS 1860-69.   J.B. Lippincott & Co. Philadelphia.  1872 U.S. edition.   pp164.  16 full page wood engravings, tissue guarded. 83 illus. in the text. (The frontispiece in this very rare U.S. 1st. edition is 'The Club-Room in Zermatt in 1864). original brown gilt. decorative and blind stamped cloth. (only the 1873 ed. is in Neate).  Very Good £485

349 Whymper E. SCRAMBLES AMONGST THE ALPS IN THE YEARS 1860-69.    John Murray. 1871 1st. edition of which only 1245 copies were printed.  pp432.  21 full page engravings (these printed by the author). 90 text engravings. 5 fold. maps. The plate opp. p.127 'a cannonade on The Matterhorn' has the off white coloured sky. Later editions do not. original green cloth gilt. rare and immaculate copy of the first edition of which only 1245 copies were printed.  Near Fine £1,775

350 Whymper E. SCRAMBLES AMONGST THE ALPS IN THE YEARS 1860-69.  (including the History of the First Ascent of the Matterhorn).  John Murray. 1900 5th.  pp468.  22 full page engravings. 107 text. 5 maps [fold.] orig. blue cloth gilt, a.e.g. gilt dec. label removed from front pastedown.  Near Fine £375

351 Whymper E. SCRAMBLES AMONGST THE ALPS IN THE YEARS 1860-69.    John Murray. 1893 4th. de-luxe edition.  pp468.  23 full page and 107 text engravings. 5 maps. original Zaehnsdorf binding in cream cloth and gilt snowflakes which is becoming rare. t.e.g. uncut. 'The few remaining copies can only be obtained from the Author'. gilt leather sp. label. some spotting to cloth and page edges otherwise   Near Fine- £425

352 Whymper E. SCRAMBLES AMONGST THE ALPS IN THE YEARS 1860-69.    John Murray. 1871 2nd. edition  pp432.  23 full page engravings. 92 text. 5 fold. maps.  recased in original green cloth gilt.  Near Fine- £375

353 Whymper E. THE ASCENT OF THE MATTERHORN.   John Murray. 1880 1st.  pp325.  14 full page illustrations. 91 text engravings. 2 maps. The frontispiece is unique to this 3rd. edition of Scrambles. The body of the work is printed by Messrs. William Clowes and Sons; the separate (full page) Plates have been printed by the AUTHOR. original blue dec. cloth gilt, rubbed and corners worn, edges damp st. (see image)  Good £120

354 Whymper E. THE VALLEY OF ZERMATT AND THE MATTERHORN. A Guide to.  John Murray. 1901 5th.  pp. 16 + xiv + 224 + 20.  78 illustrations, plans and maps (repaired). with adverts. complete with original pictorial wrappers 'The Finsteraarhorn' illus. by E.T. Compton.  Very Good £165

355 Whymper E. TRAVELS AMONGST THE GREAT ANDES OF THE EQUATOR.   John Murray.  1892 2nd.  pp456. 20 full page and 118 engraved illustrations drawn by various artists and engraved by the author. 4 maps inc. 1 cold. fold. in e.p. in the original olive cloth gilt sl. rubbed and faded..  Very Good- £125

356 Wilbraham Hon. E.B. NARRATIVE OF AN ASCENT OF MONT BLANC in August 1830.   Longman, Rees. 1832 1st.  pp318 includes the rare 16pp Mont Blanc narrative in the Keepsake 1832. The engravings, which do not relate to the narrative, are foxed. handsome full calf binding by Riviere. a.e.g. gilt sp. compartments.  Near Fine £295

357 Wills A. "THE EAGLE'S NEST" IN THE VALLEY OF THE SIXT; A Summer Home Among The Alps: Together with some Excursions among the Great Glaciers.  Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts. 1860 2nd.  pp327. 12 tinted. litho plates inc. Monte Rosa. frontis of  'The Eagle's Nest'.  2 fold. maps. original extravagant gilt embossed pict. dec. cloth. a really bright copy.   Near Fine £625

358 Wills A. WANDERINGS AMONG THE HIGH ALPS.   Richard Bentley. 1858 2nd. edition, revised with additions.   pp426.  with 'Ascent of Mont Blanc' chapter XV p.307-352. map. 4 chromos 4 full page wood engravings. orig. blue cloth gilt. blind dec. boards. A variant binding sl. rubbed.  Near Fine £195

359 Wills A. WANDERINGS AMONG THE HIGH ALPS.   Richard Bentley. 1856 1st.  pp384.  4 tinted lithographs (foxed) illustrations 2 of the 'Ascent of the Wetterhorn', 'Night Encampment on the Mer de Glace', 'View from the Gumihorn'. original blind stamped green cloth spine decorated gilt. re-cased.   Very Good- £395

360 Workman F.B. & W.H. ICE-BOUND HEIGHTS OF THE MUSTAGH.  An Account of the two seasons of Pioneer Exploration and High Climbing in the Baltistan Himalaya.  Constable and Co. Ltd.  1908 1st.  pp444.  2 maps and 170 illus. recased on orig. cold. pict. cloth. t.e.g.  Very Good- £545

361 Workman F.B. IN THE ICE WORLD OF THE HIMALAYA. . . .  Among the Peaks and Passes of Ladakh, Nubra, Suru, and Baltistan.  T. Fisher Unwin. 1900 1st.  pp204.  with 3 maps (cold. fold. one of Kashmir) and 67 illustrations. bound in a plain, blue cloth with gilt title, possibly trimmed.  Very Good- £345

362 Workman F.B. PEAKS AND GLACIERS OF NUN KUN. A Record of Pioneer-Exploration and Mountaineering in the Punjab Himalaya.  Constable and Co. Ltd.  1909 1st.  pp204.  with map and 92 illustrations inc. panoramas. original cold.. pictorial cloth gilt. presentation copy from the publisher. This is ex-library copy with r.s.m. on the back of each plate. t.e.g. otherwise it is a very decent copy.   Very Good- £795

363 Young G.W. THE ROOF-CLIMBER'S GUIDE TO TRINITY.   W.P. Spalding, Cambridge.  1930 new edition.  pp48.  4 diagrams. orig. printed wrappers. appearently unread.  Fine- £245

364 Zschokke H. VUES CLASSIQUE DE LA SUISSE.   Carlsrouhe.  1838 1st. French   pp174 + 184 82 steel engraved plates of the Swiss Cantons by H. Winkles d'apres dessins de G. Ad. Muller. orig. green embossed cloth.  Very Good £395

365 Zurbriggen M. FROM THE ALPS TO THE ANDES. Being The Autobiography of a Mountain Guide.  T. Fisher Unwin. 1899 1st.  pp269.  frontis. 54 illus., some by A.D. McCormick. orig. red cloth gilt. dec. recased with sp. relaid. worn edges overall. ex-Mudies lib. label removed from lower front board. t.e.g. uncut. a rare book.  Good £780


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