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New mountaineering books for sale, Mount Everest 1953, Into The Silence, Wade Davis Signed copies, East of the Himalaya Mountain Peak Maps.

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7952 Finch G.I. (Ed. George Rodway) THE STRUGGLE FOR EVEREST.   Carreg.  2008 1st. pp232 b/w illus. throughout text. less than 500 copies printed. New in dw sold out

7955 Hanson R. MAURICE WILSON. A Yorkshireman on Everest.  Hayloft.  2008 1st.  pp199.  some illus. and diagrams. p.b. with cold. illus. covers. Signed by Doug Scott. New  sold out

7962 Kirkpatrick A. PSYCHOVERTICAL.   Hutchinson.  2008 1st.  pp277.  photos., maps and line illus. signed by the author. New in dw £40

8374 Muhl R. EVEREST. Surviving The Death Zone.  2008 1st.  pp314.  cold. illus. maps.  New in dw  sold out

7688 Venables S. HIGHER THAN THE EAGLE SOARS. A Path to Everest.  Hutchinson.  2007 1st.  pp370. many cold. illus. and some b/w maps.  New in dw £20

7496 Harlin III (Ed.) J. THE AMERICAN ALPINE JOURNAL. The World's Most Significant Climbs.  AAC Press.  2006  pp520. many cold. and b/w illus. and map diagrams. pict. p.b. New  £15

7947 Hardie N. ON MY OWN TWO FEET. The life of a mountaineer.   Canterbury University Press.  2006 1st.  pp323.  cold. and b.w. illus. and 5 maps. cold. illus. p.b. A fascinating autobiography of one of the finest New Zealand mountaineers. Hardie led one of the two summit pairs that made the first ascent of Kangchenjunga. This copy SIGNED by the author. New  sold out

7396 Kapadia (Hon. Ed.) Harish THE HIMALAYAN JOURNAL   O.U.P. for The Himalayan Club.  2006 1st.  pp280. many illustrations in col. and b/w.. vol. 62. other journals from previous years also available. prices from  New  sold out

7869 Band G. SUMMIT 150 years of the Alpine Club.  Collins. 2006 1st pp256. many cold. and b/w illus. and map diagrams. Signed by George Band and by Charles Wylie. New in dw £60

7515 Lacedelli L. and Cenacchi G. K2 THE PRICE OF CONQUEST.  Carreg. 2006 1st.  pp127 cold. and b/w illus. signed by Lacedelli n title page. New in dw £95

7486 Perrin J. THE CLIMBING ESSAYS.  The In Pinn. 2006 1st.  pp320.  illus. SIGNED by Jim Perrin. New in dw £100

7937 Jackson J. ADVENTURE TRAVELS IN THE HIMALAYA. a selection of memories by John Angelo Jackson.  Indus.  2005 1st.  pp256.  65 cold. illus. maps. sketches by Geeta Kapadia and foreword by Harish Kapadia. a nicely published paperback  New  sold out

8413 Simpson J. TOUCHING THE VOID.   Jonathan Cape.  2005 rpt.  pp172.  21 cold. plates. 2 maps.  New in dw £15

5599 Astill Tony MOUNT EVEREST : The Reconnaissance 1935. 'The Forgotten Adventure'. Privately Published by the Author. December 2005 1st.  pp 380.  128 photographic illustrations. 10 new maps. [3 fold.] foreword by John Hunt, introduction by Sir Edmund Hillary. SIGNED by the Author.  Winner James Monroe Thorington award for best book in mountaineering history at Banff 2006.  hardback [235 x 185] Michael Spender photogrammetric survey of the North Face of Everest on the unique 'double'  New in dw £40

Few copies remaining.

8211 Johnson A. SIR EDMUND HILLARY. An Extraordinary Life.  Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd.  2005 1st.  pp232.  many cold. and b/w illus. signed by Chris Bonington, Mike Westmacott, Paul Braithwaite, Rebecca Stephens, Ang Rita Sherpa, George Band and Ed Cotter. New in dw £150

7448 Cave A. LEARNING TO BREATHE.   Hutchinson.  2005 1st. pp276 2 sections of cold. photos. 2 maps. signed by the author. Joint winner of the Boardman Tasker prize 2005. New in dw

7539 Hawley and Salisbury, R. E. THE HIMALAYAN DATABASE. The Himalayan Archives of Elizabeth Hawley.  American Alpine Club.  2004 1st.  pp80.   DVD and users manual. New  £39

7629 Compagnoni A. K2 CONQUISTA ITALIANA. Tra storia e memoria.  Bolis Edizioni.  2004 1st.  pp179.  many illus. in colour and b/w. Signed by Achille Compagnoni on title page. New in dw £120

6540 Noel S. EVEREST PIONEER. The Photographs of Captain John Noel.  Sutton Publishing.  2003 1st.  ppxvi + 176.  180 illus. 10 in colour. maps.  SIGNED by the author New in dw £55

6330 Hunt J. THE ASCENT OF EVEREST.   Hodder & Stoughton. 2003 50th. anniversary edition.  pp280.  one of a Limited Edition of 1000 copies. cold. frontis. cold. and b/w plates. text illus. by Charles Evans. map diagrams. new foreword by The Duke of Edinburgh. with a f.e.p. having the facsimile signatures of all 15 members of the team. in original slipcase. New in dw £55

6775 Ward M. EVEREST A THOUSAND YEARS OF EXPLORATION. A Record of Mountaineering, Geographical Exploration, Medical Research and Mapping.  The Ernest Press.  2003 1st. (only 500 copies printed)  pp350.  cold. frontis.(in the correct place.) 25 plates. 62 maps, diagrams & drawings including an 8 page map by Ted Hatch and illus. e.p.'s. SIGNED by George Lowe and George Band. New in dw £95

7540 Marty S. SWITCHBACKS. True Stories from the Canadian Rockies.  M & S  2001 trade p.b.  pp316.   SIGNED by the author. New  £12

6762 Fisher H. FROM A TRAMP'S WALLET. A Life of Douglas William Freshfield.  The Erskine Press.  2001 1st.  pp307.  photo. illus. sketch maps. engravings.  New in dw £25

7535 Marty S. MEN FOR THE MOUNTAINS.   M & S  2000 trade p.b.  pp312.   SIGNED by the author. New  £12

8216 Steele P. ERIC SHIPTON. Everest and Beyond.  Constable.  1998 rpt.  pp290.  illus. 21 maps drawn by the author. winner of the Boardman Tasker prize for Mountaineering Literature 1998. signed by 1953 Everest team members George Band, George Lowe, Charles Wylie, Michael Ward and Mike Westmacott. Signature of Peter Steele tipped in on title page. also signed by Jim Perrin New in dw

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COLLARD, John M. Arnold Lunn. Ski-mountaineer Extraordinary. Conspectus of a great quarter century 1902-1926. Adelboden - Montana - Mürren - Arlberg, being the first history of his ski-mountaineering career and its unique consequences. London, privately printed, [2023].

Tall 4to. Original blue cloth, spine and front cover lettered in silver; pp. 151, with four plates.

First edition, second printing, after the first printing of 2014, one of 100 copies produced. £98

COLLARD, John M. The Great Morning of Ski-ing. "Nansen Fever" in the Black Forest, Alps and Jura. Stories of the pioneer skiers: from the audacity of Wilhelm Paulcke to the genius of Arnold Lunn. 1883 to the First World War. London, [privately printed for the author], 2017.

4to. Original blue cloth, spine lettered in gilt, illustrated dust-wrapper; pp. 130; highly illustrated with colour plates.

First edition, one of 102 copies printed in this limited second print run (the first printing had been limited to 50 copies).

Mountaineering-Books Maurice Wilson Mountaineering Books Higher Than The Eagle Soars Mountaineering Books Norman Hardie On My Own Two Feet Mountaineering Books Adventure Travels in the Himalaya mountaineering books Eric Shipton summit by George Band alpine club history mountaineering books

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Ed Webster SNOW IN THE KINGDOM. My Storm Years on Everest.  Mountain Imagery.  2011 the new 2nd edition pp500.  very many great colour and b/w photographic illus. Now in higher resolution. signed by the author. orig. blue cloth. A New copy in dw £30

New Mountaineering books: old and new mountaineering books for sale, SIGNED COPIES OF SOME OF THESE NEW BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE

East of the Himalaya Mountain Peak Maps. Alps of Tibet and Beyond

by Tamotsu Nakamura. The Japanese Alpine Club 110th Anniversary Publication  

A full view of the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau & Hengduang Mountains. pp333 with 540 photographs in colour and numerous maps

just published c. £62 The text in English as well as Japanese

a superb large format book 31 x 22.5 cms - highly recommended

can be ordered directly from the publisher


EAST OF THE HIMALAYA MOUNTAIN PEAK MAPS. Alps of Tibet and Beyond.  The Japanese Alpine Club.  2016 1st.  pp333.  with 540 photographs in colour and numerous maps. A full view of the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau & Hengduang Mountains. text in English and Japanese. orig. cloth gilt. dw New. £65

 Smythe T. FRANK SMYTHE MY FATHER.   Baton Wicks.  2013 Oct. 1st.  pp324.  96 photo illus. in dw  sold out

Stewart 10253 Hawkins S. FAR, FAR THE DISTANT PEAK. The Life of Wilfred Noyce, Mountaineer, Scholar, Poet. Curbans Books. 2014 1st.  pp325.  42 b/w and col. illus. 15 maps. in dw  sold out

Wade Davis INTO THE SILENCE. The Great War, George Mallory and the Conquest of Everest.  The Bodley Head  2011 1st. U.K.  pp672.    An enthralling twist on the first three Everest expeditions and hugely well researched and written. Soon to become a classic of mountaineering literature.  SIGNED by the author

Michael Gill HIMALAYAN HOSPITALS. Sir Edmund Hillary’s Everest Legacy. First Published Craig Cotton Publishing 2011. pp472. New. £35

  Joe Simpson THE SOUND OF GRAVITY.   2011 1st.  pp234.  a novel. orig. black cloth gilt. Signed by the author. New in dw £30

Andy Kirkpatrick COLD WARS. Climbing the fine line between risk and reality.  Vetebrate Publishing.  2011 1st.  pp272.  illus. in col. and b/w. orig. blue cloth silver. New in dw £20

 Emil Henry TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY.   Troubador.  2011 1st.  pp428. full page and text illus., maps, being reproductions of Whymper engravings.

  Daniel Anker & Volken M. WEISSHORN der Diamant des Wallis.  AS Verlag & Buchkonzept 2011 1st.  pp173.  very many superb colour illustrations and b/w. no. 16 in the series of Bergmonografien. sold out

P. Berg WHYMPER'S SCRAMBLES WITH CAMERA. A Victorian magic lantern show.  Alpine Club.  2011 1st.  pp138.  illus. with reproductions of the lanterns slides and others. odd fold. card covers. sold out

Mick Conefrey EVEREST 1953 The Epic Story of the First Ascent.  Oneworld.  2012 1st.  ppxiv + 332.  14 photo illus. 3 sketch maps. woodcut dec. e.p.'s orig. blue cloth gilt. SIGNED New copies in dw for sale. One of the best of the Mount Everest 60th anniversary books sold out

NO WAY DOWN. Life and Death on K2.  By Graham Bowley Viking - Penguin.  2010 1st. pp253. cold. illus.  in dw  £19

The story of one of the worst disasters in the history of mountaineering, when eleven of the world’s best climbers died on a single ascent in 2008. The book is written in a thrilling style like Touching the Void and Into Thin Air; it captures all the tension and

tragedy of that fateful day.

Unjustifiable Risk? The Story of British Climbing

by Simon Thompson

hardback, 400 pages, 40 photographs

A social, economic and cultural history of British rock climbing and mountaineering charting the conditions that gave rise to the sport, and the achievements and motives of those who have shaped its development over 200 years. Today’s climbers share a desire to escape from urban society but what makes them take that unjustifiable risk? sold out

Climbing Everest  Passion for Mountaineering

Collection of published writings on the Everest by George Mallory, the

man who may have been the first man to reach its top 29 years before Hillary. George Mallory belongs to a short but distinguished line of literary mountaineers such as Joe Simpson, Jon Krakauer and EdwardWhymper, the conqueror of the Matterhorn. He answered the questioned

'Why climb Everest' with the dry put down 'Because it is there.' In this book his published writings on Everest are collected for the first time.

pp. 224 [222 x 141mm] Gibson Square  A SIGNED COPY sold out

Moffat G. and Grimes N.  REVELATIONS.  Vertebrate Publishing 2010 1st rpt.  pp242.  b/w illus. Grand Prize winner at Banff 2009. a signed copy New. sold out

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The Pen y Gwryd Hotel: Tales from the Smoke Room.

-The Home of British Mountaineering in the Heart of Snowdonia-

Rob Goodfellow, Jonathan Copeland, Peter O’Neill

With an introduction by Jan Morris. Gomer Press When Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first stood on the top of Mount Everest, only a handful of people knew the debt of gratitude they owed not only to the mountains of North Wales but also to a little hotel in the lee of Snowdon.

It was at the Pen y Gwryd Hotel (or 'PyG') that members of the 1953 Everest Expedition stayed during their training for that historic adventure, and it subsequently became - and remains - a place of pilgrimage for mountaineers the world over.

With an introduction by Jan Morris, the Times reporter who accompanied that first successful expedition and broke the story to the world, The Pen y Gwryd Hotel: Tales from the Smoke Room tells the story of 'one of the great climbing inns of Europe' through series of anecdotes, reminiscences and tributes, including contributions by a veritable who's who of walkers, climbers and writers.

Hardback with 259 pages - £15 + post

tales from the smoke room